‘NCIS’: Fans Think Phineas Is a Security Risk and Gibbs Made a Dumb Move

During “NCIS” season 17, episode nine (titled “IRL”), Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is presented with a tough case. The team gets a case where a YouTuber is murdered during a live stream. In order to find the murderer, they need help from someone who is good at video games, so Gibbs decides to have Phineas (Jack Fisher), his 9-year-old neighbor, assist them (some CBS press says Phineas is 11, but he says he’s 9 in this episode).

That’s right, the boss gives a kid access to the inner workings of the NCIS so they can solve a case. Could Phineas be a security risk? Fans certainly think so. Here’s why.

Can Phineas really be trusted to keep things confidential?

One big question on the minds of viewers is whether a 9-year-old could realistically be expected not to share what he learned while he was working with Gibbs and the team. We think it’s unlikely Phineas will be able to keep NCIS secrets to himself when he’s at school. Kids around this age are obsessed with looking cool. What could cooler than telling your classmates you were an NCIS agent for a day? We don’t think he would be able to resist.

One fan on Reddit thinksthe risk of leaking confidential information is higher with a child. “I’d thinkit’d be worse with a kid. You have no idea how well he is at keeping thingsconfidential. Or how easy it would be to manipulate him to get pieces ofinformation,” said the fan.

Others don’t think Phineas could do that much damage

Another fan chimed in, saying there isn’t much intelligencePhineas could provide. The fan said the room Phineas was in is just a spacewith computers, a big TV screen, and theatre seats. The viewer also said no onewould even know Phineas was at the NCIS office. “Who would know he was there andhow? What intel of actual value could he produce?” added the fan. Since Phineasis attending school, we think it’s likely he would brag about his NCISexperience to his school friends, so that could pose a risk there.

What was Gibbs thinking?

What exactly made Gibbs include a child in an NCIS mission?This isn’t something he would normally do. We’re continuing to see all kinds ofpersonality changes with Gibbs. Ever since that episode where he confessed tomurder, he just hasn’t been the same. Perhaps Gibbs is trying to live a normallife by hanging out with Phineas and taking care of him. We’re not sure whatGibbs is thinking, but he’s definitely not himself.

Phineas’ mother wasn’t thrilled with Gibbs’ babysitting

When Sarah, Phineas’ mother, found out he tagged along withGibbs on an NCIS case, she was livid. Sarah immediately told Gibbs he was nolonger allowed to see Phineas, and she stormed off. However, she later changedher mind and said it was OK for Gibbs to babysit in the future. Somehow, we thinkthis is all an act and Sarah has something up her sleeve. We’re not sure whatit is yet, but we still don’ttrust her.

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