‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Season 11, Episode 4: The Team Deals with a Deadly Virus

It looks like this upcoming episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” is going to be intense. In season 11, episode 4 (titled “Yellow Jack”), the crew must contain a plot to release a deadly virus that could cause an outbreak in the United States. In a teaser photo some of the team members are wearing hazmat suits. Terrorists want to use the virus to make people sick and spread the infection to others.  

In the teaser, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) is shown saying “Wemight have our first exposure.” Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) says, “This could mean amajor outbreak.” Things get worse when another character adds, “The dead willnumber in the thousands. Military heroes will be tossed like animals in a massgrave.” This sounds pretty bad.

A body is discovered in an alley

In another teaser, we can see things are getting worse, aspeople are being found dead. Apparently, the virus is starting to spread. Inone scene, a body is discovered in an alley. Thankfully the person who foundthe body didn’t touch it. “Early this morning, an LAPD patrol discovered Grantin the alley. Thanks to the APB, he didn’t touch the body,” said an official atthe crime scene.

There’s an attempt to minimize panic

Although it looks like the virus is serious, officials aretelling Americans it’s a measles outbreak in order to hide the fact that itmight be Ebola. Kensi asks the official (Kaufman) why they’re saying it’smeasles, and Kaufman responds, “You know how you don’t shout fire in a crowdedtheatre? Well, the same goes for shouting Ebola in the middle of flu season.You risk every person with a fever flooding the hospitals and paralyzing ourresponse.”

Deeks was a bit confused by the response, saying, “Wait aminute, isn’t Ebola curable now?” Kaufman says it is curable, but you have toget treated right away. So, if you don’t get the proper medication as soon aspossible, there’s little chance for survival. “I just got back from the Congo,where we deployed two new treatments. Mortality rates have decreased but theyneed to be administered soon after infection.” Kensi has more questions, askingabout the likelihood that Grant (the person found in the alley) was reallyinfected. “Are we sure that Grant was infected?” she asked. Kaufman says all ofthe samples came back positive, so she was sure about the diagnosis. However,Deeks says it looks like Grant most likely died from a gunshot wound and notfrom exposure to the Ebola virus.

Someone else is found in a cargo container

And if that wasn’t bad enough, someone else was found. Theteaser doesn’t say whether this person is found dead or alive or if he wasinfected with Ebola, but we do know that a person was found inside a cargocontainer. And it looks like a second person was with him inside the container.

The next episode of NCIS: Los Angeles airs October 20at 9:00 p.m. EST on CBS.

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