‘NCIS’: Torres and Agent Knight Could be the Next Ziva and Tony

NCIS Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) is one of the newest additions to the team. Her arrival comes after Bishop’s exit. We don’t know a lot about Knight, but she seems to be settling in quite well with her new team.

Two agents we’re keeping our eyes on are Torres and Knight. We’re starting to get the feeling they will become romantically involved and move beyond a professional relationship. It’s beginning to look like they could become the next Ziva and Tony. Here’s Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s take on Knight and Torres.

NCIS agents are known to get romantic

It’s part of the NCIS formula to have two agents become romantically involved. We saw this dynamic with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), and we saw it again with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Bishop (Emily Wickersham). We think Torres and Knight will be next.

Agent Knight has been asking a lot of questions about Torres. She seems curious about him and what makes him tick. It’s starting to look like she might have a crush on him.

Knight asks Palmer (Brian Dietzen) about Torres during NCIS Season 19 Episode 2 (“Nearly Departed”). She notices how much Torres wants to give away Bishop’s desk, and she asks more about him and his situation with Bishop.

“For a guy who obviously cared a lot about [Bishop], he sure is going out of his way to pretend that he didn’t,” says Knight during her conversation with Palmer. He then tells Knight that Torres likes to think of himself as a “free-wheeling, love ‘em and leave ‘em type.” However, he notes that Bishop “threw Torres off his game,” and he didn’t realize how much he cared about her until she was gone. Palmer advises Knight to leave Nick alone. “He’ll come around,” he says.

Torres and Agent Knight will connect on ‘NCIS’

Wilmer Valderrama briefly spoke about Law and the addition of Agent Jessica Knight. He sees Torres and Knight reaching a point where they have a lot in common. Could this be a hint there will be something more than work between the characters?

“She’s a lovely woman, very talented,” Torres told TV Line. “It’s fun to have new elements come into play, because that’s when things can boil up a bit. I think that she and Torres are going to have a lot in common. You’re going to see our characters dynamically be in a place where they can complement each other in the field.”

The verdict on Torres and Knight

We think it will be a matter of time before Torres and Knight start dating. Torres has experienced a lot of loss over the last couple of episodes. As he learns to trust Knight, he will likely lean on her for support.

Knight taking over Bishop’s desk could be a foreshadowing of what’s to come. There’s already a friendly rivalry between Torres and Knight, and they often trade lighthearted insults. It looks like the producers are building up a possible romance between them. They’re already bickering like a married couple. One example is when they argue about Knight’s “hypothetical husband.”

We predict Knight will pick up where Torres and Bishop left off. Once Torres and Knight get to know each other, we could see sparks fly.   

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