Neighbours fans will recognise Estelle star from forgotten Ramsay Street role

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Neighbours fans recently welcomed Terese Willis's estranged mother Estelle to Ramsay Street and fans may recognize the star from her previous role on the soap.

Show chiefs have cast Maria Mercedes in the role of Estelle Petrides, who made her first appearance on UK screens last month.

Estelle's arrival comes as tensions between Terese and her estranged husband Paul Robinson are getting worse.

But eagle-eyed fans will remember the talented star from her previous role when she played the domineering and interfering mother, Lucia Cammeniti.

Maria made her first screen appearance in 2004 and returned in 2006 for an extended guest stint.

Fans may remember Lucia’s arrival onto the soap which saw her character make sure her eldest daughter goes through with her prearranged marriage.

When Lucia’s Rocco Cammeniti was s sent to prison, Lucia takes control of the family businesses and becomes editor of All Her magazine

Fans are currently watching Maria’s latest stint as Estelle, which sees her meddling in her daughter’s tricky divorce.

Her daughter Terese is furious when she finds out that Paul has been hiding assets to prepare for their upcoming split.

Annoyed that Paul plans to cheat her out of a fair settlement, Terese considers a way to take her revenge. However, she soon changes her mind and realises that it's not worth stooping to Paul's level.

Terese's attention shifts when she unexpectedly comes face-to-face with Estelle, who has arrived in Erinsborough.

Terese is unsettled over the surprise family reunion, even when Estelle claims that she has turned up to support her through this difficult time.

When Terese contacts her brother Nick, she discovers the real story – Estelle is homeless and needs someone to support her.

Although initially disappointed, Terese wants to work to mend her relationship with Estelle, but it's unclear whether she'll ever be able to trust her mother.

Aside from Terese's brother Nick making appearances in 2015 and 2017, Neighbours has rarely explored her family background.

Viewers will now see Estelle in the thick of the action, as Terese's storylines with Paul and her new partner Glen Donnelly take some twists and turns in the weeks ahead.

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