NeNe Leakes' Friendship with Cynthia Bailey Falls Out Over Kenya Moore on 'RHOA' Season Finale

“She’s just made me see her in a different light, and that light is dim,” NeNe says of Cynthia.

On Sunday’s "Real Housewives of Atlanta" season finale, we witnessed the beginning of the end of NeNe Leakes’ friendship with Cynthia Bailey.

Here’s what happened: Cynthia threw a party to celebrate her cocktail collaboration with Seagram’s Gin. She invited former Housewife Kenya Moore without giving NeNe a heads up. Cynthia’s always been friends with both ladies, but they can’t stand each other.

NeNe claims she and Kenya had actually been on okay terms throughout the latter’s pregnancy, so she was shocked when Kenya didn’t invite her to her baby shower. NeNe then went on a social media spree, leaving sarcastic comments on all of Kenya’s shower photos. (This is the Instagram spat she spoke about on Thursday.)

So when Kandi Burruss showed up to Cynthia’s party with a very pregnant Kenya, Cynthia was pleasantly surprised, but NeNe was furious — at Cynthia. She was so angry that she even refused to let husband Gregg Leakes go up on stage when Cynthia called him up to thank him for attending her party amid his cancer battle. NeNe and Marlo Hampton spent the whole night mocking Kenya and making it painfully obvious they did not want her there.

After the party, NeNe reached out to Cynthia to get together and talk. NeNe invited Tanya Sam (mostly for moral support) and Kandi to join them.

According to Kandi, Kenya made her swear she wouldn’t tell anyone, especially Cynthia, that she was planning on going to the party. But cameras caught Cynthia whispering to her boyfriend during the festivities, "I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming." Then later, on their way to meet with NeNe, Cynthia called Kandi to make sure they were on the "same page."

Right as Kandi answered Cynthia’s phone call, she warned, "I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d. I’m mic’d," but that didn’t keep Cynthia from blurting out, "I just want to make sure we was on the same page setting up how Kenya got there."

Once at the restaurant, Cynthia told NeNe repeatedly she didn’t know that Kenya would be going to her party, but NeNe’s issue was more that Cynthia didn’t tell her she had invited Kenya. She was also upset that Kenya got up on stage and gave Cynthia an impromptu speech.

"Honestly, after I went to Kenya’s baby shower, I hadn’t really heard from you that much. I’d call you, but you wouldn’t respond. You were being a little distant," Cynthia told NeNe, adding, "This was my event, NeNe. This was my event. I can invite anybody to my event. The only thing I wanted was for my friends to come on my night, but I didn’t think for one second that you couldn’t be in a room with Kenya."

"Wasn’t I in there?" NeNe fired back. The back and forth continued until NeNe’s anger turned to sadness. That’s when Cynthia apologized and consoled her crying friend, but apparently, the damage had already been done.

"I hope that Cynthia and I are in a good place and that our friendship is as tight as I think it is, but she’s just made me see her in a different light," NeNe later told the camera. "And the light is dim."

Since then, the on-screen drama has made its way to Instagram. The day the reunion trailer dropped, NeNe went off on her co-stars in a lengthy video — and they clapped back.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" three-part reunion begins Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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