Nicole Kidman Reigns Supreme At The Box Office With Three Hit Movies

The Upside surprised this weekend by coming in at No. 1 at the box office with a $19.5 million haul. Aquaman was additionally knocked off its three-week dominance in North America to the No. 2 spot by the Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart-led comedy. The $19.5 million mark also means that The Upside took in more money than Aquaman did during the fourth week of its release, according to Pajiba.

Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa, and Aquaman director James Wan have plenty to celebrate as Aquaman swam past a global take of $1 billion. However, it’s Australian-American actress Kidman, per Reuters, who reigns supreme at the domestic box office this weekend, seeing that she co-starred in both of the blockbusters.

Interestingly enough, the beautiful Aussie actress was criticized for her age after taking the role of Aquaman’s mother, according to Cinema Blend. Arthur Curry, aka the Aquaman, was first shown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and his role was expanded in Justice League. Aquaman’s past is also fully explored in the Aquaman movie, and this includes meeting his mother, Atlanna.

Atlanna is played by the 51-year-old Kidman, and there were critics who felt that she was too young to be playing the mother of Aquaman, who is played by the 39-year-old Jason Momoa. The actress didn’t let the criticism phase her and said, “In the context of the superhero world, it all evens out. Atlanna doesn’t really age.”

The reason she gives holds water, because within the DC, Marvel, and other comic book universes, certain non-human species age slower than their human counterparts. The alien being Superman is one example where this is so, and the Atlanteans in the DC Extended Universe follow this narrative, as well.

The role of Atlanna isn’t Nicole Kidman’s first DC rodeo, either, and she starred as Dr. Chase Meridian in the 1995 Batman film, Batman Forever.

And, besides being a stellar weekend for Mrs. Keith Urban, she is also having a great week since the numbers are coming in strong for the her indie movie, Destroyer. The movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes, follows the “moral and existential odyssey of LAPD detective Erin Bell who, as a young cop, was placed undercover with a gang in the California desert with tragic results.”

Rotten Tomatoes adds that, “when the leader of that gang re-emerges many years later, she must work her way back through the remaining members and into her own history with them to finally reckon with the demons that destroyed her past.”

The drama has received 74 percent from critics on the aggregate site, and she is lauded for her uncompromising central performance, which critics say adds “extra layers” and a “lingering impact” to the film.

For the Academy Award-winning actress’ turn in The Upside, she plays the often dazed and confused Yvonne Pendleton. The actress is experiencing one of her biggest renaissances, and you’ll need to look for her later in the year in Season 2 of HBO’s Big Little Lies.

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