‘Not the 18th century!’ Carol Vorderman savages Alan Sugar over women’s football remarks

Carol Vorderman calls out Alan Sugar on women's football stance

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The Women’s European Championships have dominated headlines recently, with England racking up a record win against Norway and the BBC dedicating much of its schedule to the live matches. Carol Vorderman welcomed former England forward Rachel Yankey onto ITV’s Lorraine on Friday to discuss the tournament and England’s chances but wasted no time in bringing up controversial comments made by Lord Alan Sugar regarding the coverage of the competition.

The Apprentice frontman had blasted the BBC for its supposed lack of male commentators throughout the Euros.

He tweeted last week: “I am watching the women football and notice that ALL the comentators are women. I also note when mens football is on there is a symobilic female comentator to cover the broadcasters a**e. 

“Should I complain there should be a male commentator in women’s football?”

However, his complaints were seemingly debunked when former Arsenal and England striker Ian Wright appeared as part of the BBC’s punditry team.

Upon seeing Ian’s appearance, Lord Sugar tweeted again: “I was pleased to see my old mate Ian Wright was given the opportunity to commentate on the ladies game last night. 

“I wonder if my earlier tweet below touched a nerve. Of course BBC sport will say not at all, Ian was already lined up for it.” (sic)

While Lord Sugar may have been looking for support from Ian, the pundit instead reacted by dubbing his comments as “f*****g foolishness”.

In a video to his own page, Ian fumed: “Can everyone stop sending me the Alan Sugar tweet. Alan, my friend, rather than you saying ‘I got it wrong’, you doubled down on some complete f****ng foolishness.

“So in your mind, you actually thought the BBC phoned me up? That says to me your ego is totally out of control. Where’s the people around you to hug you, bro? You need some hugs man.

“Look at you coming on Twitter for attention like this,” he laughed, “It’s laughable, stop doing it to yourself!”

Bringing up the row, Carol said to Rachel: “I want to move on to this feud… the boys. They’ve been having a row, tell me about it.”

Rachel replied: “I know, yeah. Well, I only just learnt about it, I don’t really know about the row. But Alan Sugar and Ian Wright… 

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“Alan Sugar complained that there are no male figures talking about the women’s game. 

“I mean, Ian Wright’s been talking about the women’s game and has been a champion of the women’s game for many many years. 

“Ian Wright absolutely loves it, but there’s other people,” she added.

“Jonathan Pearce, he’s always commentated on women’s football and men’s football and values them in the same way which I think is really important.”

Carol was in agreement and decided to look directly at the camera to dish a dig Lord Sugar’s way.

“Sir Alan Sugar, I’m just having a look at my watch,” the Lorraine host began.

“It isn’t the 18th century, it is actually the 21st… just to point that out.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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