Obsession viewers slam Netflix erotic thriller for lack of ‘chemistry’

Obsession – Official Trailer

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Obsession.

Netflix’s latest BDSM thriller, Obsession premiered on Netflix this week and was hailed as the successor to steamy sensation, Fifty Shades of Grey. However, as viewers binged the four-episode drama, many slammed the show for lacking a key attribute. 

Obsession quickly rose to Netflix’s top 10 list for its dark psychological twist to an erotic tale of infidelity. 

It followed a respected surgeon, William Farrow (played by Richard Armitage), who gets caught up in an affair with his son Jay’s (Rish Shah) fiancée Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy). 

The drama kicked off with William meeting Anna for the first time at a party, when they struck an instant connection and seduced one another over olives and martinis.

What followed was a passionate affair powered by William’s jealousy and fixation.   

Although Jay was caught up in the whirlwind of their engagement, he grew suspicious and curious about what she was up to when he wasn’t around and decided to follow her.

Jay was led to Anna’s friend Peggy’s (Pippa Bennett-Warner) flat and astonished to see his dad having sex with his fiancée. 

Shocked by the betrayal, Jay frantically left the flat but slipped and fell over the balcony, resulting in a naked William racing down to be by his son’s side.  

Following the unexpected turn of events, some viewers were dissatisfied with the drama and took to social media to share their disappointment. 

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Taking to Twitter, @canyou_sonicme wrote: “I knew #ObsessionNetflix would be awkward. The chemistry is…off.”

A second viewer @MichaelAkan complained: “#ObsessionNetflix is really terrible. Very unsexy, zero chemistry with an incoherent plot.”

@djAngOnhErO added: “This might be one of the worst of the recent Netflix releases. Trashy plot and messy storytelling with zero character development. Waste of time.”

While @blackss02512 stated: “I’m just not feeling this instant chemistry that they’re supposed to have, just a bunch of crazy staring.”

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Despite the backlash, other viewers defended Obsession and took to Twitter to praise the drama. 

A thrilled @LoobyDooby22 shared: “Could not stop watching #ObsessionNetflix good job I booked today off.”

A sixth viewer @pontikomama praised: “It was amazing. Brilliant performances from everyone involved, wonderfully shot & directed … Fantastic. Couldn’t stop watching it.”

As devastated William’s wife, Ingrid (Indira Varma) grieved her son, she began self-harming as a result of the pain and tells William he should have killed himself.

During the funeral, Anna’s mother (Marion Bailey) showed up to tell them her daughter had run away. 

As William confessed he was still deeply infatuated with her, more insight about her personal life was brought to light, including the real reason for the suicide of Anna’s brother. 

The finale then flashed forward to the present day, when William tracked her down. 

After telling her he didn’t regret Jay’s death and confessing his love for her, Anna shut him down and was seen going to therapy with her friend, Peggy. 

Obsession is available to stream on Netflix.

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