Oops they did it again – random water bottle spotted by fans in Game of Thrones finale

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what appears to be a water bottle in a scene in the Game of Thrones finale.

The offending plastic bottle lurks at the foot of a chair behind Samwell Tarly’s leg.

It is in no way as blatant a mistake as the appearance of a coffee cup in front of Daenerys in the banquet scene two weeks ago.

However, perhaps the coffee cup (which was initially believed to be from Starbucks, but was acutally from a local coffee shop in Banbridge in Northern Ireland where the series was filmed) primed viewers to keep an eye out for similar gaffes.

The offending coffee cup inspired an avalanche of memes and even HBO tweeted a jokey response before removing it from footage in their catch-up service.

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Other fans, however, were not quite so impressed, using the gaffe as evidence that the final series has been rushed.

One Twitter user, @bethisloco, appears to have been the first to spot the bottle.

The reaction has been mixed:

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