Our Girl viewers gripped by Aatan Omar mystery

Our Girl fans were kept on tenterhooks tonight as Georgie Lane went to confront Aatan Omar in jail for the murder of her fiance – and it turns out that the man she visited might not actually be Omar.

The Lance Corporal, played by Michelle Keegan, confronted the supposed warlord for luring Elvis (Luke Pasqualino) to his death back in 2017, but afterwards raised her concerns that something wasn’t quite right.

In gripping scenes, Georgie told Omar: ‘I’m the girl whose future you stole. Elvis Hart? He was my fiancé. You lured my fiancé into a trap, a radio-controlled IED.

‘Look at him, he had his whole life ahead of him, and you took him from me.’

Omar kept quiet throughout the confrontation and this prompted Georgie to confess to her mate Prof: ‘I thought I’d know, as soon as I saw him, if he was sorry…I mean there was nothing, not even a flicker.

‘You’ll think I’m mad, but there’s just something about him, I don’t know. Warlords aren’t exactly shy in coming forwards are they? He was just lying there confused.’

And a preview for the next episode seems to confirm that Omar is actually not the man in the prison, but another mysterious character yet to be unveiled.

In a sneaky glimpse, Georgie was seen demanding to know answers from an unidenfied person before saying: ‘Oh my God, that’s Aatan Omar’

‘My theory of Our Girl is that the person in that cell is not Omar but that person when he saw a pic of Elvis recognised him and Elvis is still alive,’ wrote one.

‘Elvis is either undercover or he has been made to work for Omar, I think one of those three men from the army is Omar.’

Echoing a similar sentiment, another posted: ‘I knew that wasn’t Omar!! I have so many questions for next week’s episode.’

Looks like we’re in for another shocker.

Our Girl is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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