Our Yorkshire Farm kids told not to take brown ‘pond water’ into school to drink

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Our Yorkshire Farm’s shepherdess Amanda Owen recently revealed that she had to inform her children’s school that her kids were not drinking muddy pond water.

The mother of nine spoke of her ordeal to the Sunday Express and admitted to receiving a phone call from her children’s school regarding the matter.

The school contacted the parent and said they shouldn’t bring "pond water in their drinking bottles".

But Amanda had to then confirm that it was in fact drinking water not water from the pond.

Speaking to the Express about the mixup, the Shepherdess explained: "It's a bit brown so they obviously thought it was out of a river or something!"

The famer's wife also went on to discuss her children's education, as the second youngest Clammy recently started primary school. Amanda believes Clammy is doing very well so far and says her daughter is "enjoying it".

"She was out turning sheep with me at about quarter to seven this morning in her school uniform while we waited for the school bus," she said.

"Clemmy's at the age now where she's ready for school.

"We haven't had any problems so far – apart from her going to class covered in horsehair."

Life on the farm is often very busy for the family which can lead to moments where Amanda questions herself.

The Yorkshire lass explained: "I spend my whole life questioning what I'm doing and how things are."

Amanda also admitted that after her children return to school from the school holidays, they tell her about the "places we can't get to".

She continued: "But then I instantly forgive myself. They're so happy, well-adjusted and taken care of.

"That means everything. I haven't got the tidiest house and I don't possess an iron.

"As long as they're happy, that'll do for me."

Before meeting her husband Clive, shepherdess Amanda was living an urban life in Huddersfield. The couple have now lived on Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale for more than 20 years and are currently raising nine children together.

As well as documenting her life on TV, Amanda has also written four books: The Yorkshire Shepherdess (2015), A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess (2017), Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess (2019) and Tales from the Farm (2021).

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