Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen issues warning to youngest daughters ‘Don’t go!’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda asks daughters to check sheep

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Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen teaches her children from a young age how to care for the animals on their farm and the major jobs that need doing. In a recent episode of the Channel 5 show, Amanda took her three youngest daughters to their lower fields to do an important job involving the sheep and lambs.

When the warm weather begins to come around, the new lambs and their mothers will eventually be sent to the higher moorlands.

Until then, there was plenty of work to be done in the lower fields, which were full of pregnant sheep and newborns that needed to be checked every day.

Sitting with her girls, Amanda began: “Basically, I’m handing over responsibility to you, I want you to see who is lambed, how many lambs there are and look for all the obvious problems.”

Because of the cold weather in springtime, the family is stretched to their limit, tending to the flock, but the young girls are always keen to help and build their experience.

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After being told by their mother about the job they have been given, Clemmy abruptly confirmed with Amanda: “Even if they’re dead, you have to be careful.”

Laughing at her daughters honestly, she replied: “Even if they’re dead, well, that is a big problem, isn’t it.”

Clemmy continued: “And if we follow all the way down to that wall, it’ll lead us to where we are heading.

“If we find some trouble, just keep on walking, then if there are more bad things, we just go to the gate.”

Confirming Clemmy’s thoughts, Amanda said: “Yes, but hopefully it is all good things, right go on off you go, don’t go too far.”

As the girls set off, Amanda explained: “It’s good to give them a little bit of responsibility, go off on a little adventure just themselves.

“Looking after each other as well, you know they’ve got all kinds of obstacles that are going to come in their way, see how long it takes them.”

Once again, Clem cam went along for the ride with the girls, to which Clemmy could be overheard telling her sisters: “Annie, these are good sheep, aren’t they!”

Amanda looked on at their progress while keeping a distance and shouted across the field to Annas: “Annie, the top, you’ve got to go to the top, cutting corners already.”

Annas, who is seven, Clemmy, five, were encouraging the youngest of the clan, Nancy, four, across the tough terrain of rocks and hills.

Clemmy told her sisters: “These are really sharp rocks you, we’re both going to hold on to you, ok,” referring to Nancy.

After making it to the top of the hills and checking all around to make sure the sheep were ok, they returned to Amanda, who was waiting for them at the bottom of the field.

“Good lass, hiya, how did you come on? Did you find anything,” she asked Clemmy as she came bounding towards her.

“Good, there was no dead lambs they are all good,” Clemmy confirmed with Amanda replying: “Well, you’ve done very well, there were no disasters, I’m very pleased you’ve come back with reports.”

Clearly being worn out from their travels, Nancy told her mum: “I think it’s time to go home,” to which Amanda agreed and said: “See if you can get home before it starts to rain.”

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5. 
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