Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen praises daughters for care of beloved Tony the Pony

Amanda Owen posts video of kids riding and playing in Yorkshire

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In a recent episode of the Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda Owen is seen grooming Tony the pony along with her daughters Annas, eight, Nancy, five, and Clemmy, six. The mother of nine continues to raise her children on Ravenseat farm and fans tune in to watch the Yorkshire shepherdess in her fly-on-the-wall style series. Over the summer holidays, her three daughters helped Amanda with Tony during the pony’s bath time. 

While stroking their pony, Amanda tells her children: “I think it would do him a bit of good to have, on this nice warm day, a bath.

“I think it’s time we made him nice and soapy, what do you reckon?”

Enthusiastically, Clemmy agreed with her mother and excitedly replies: “Yes!”

“So, let’s go and take him for a wash,” the Yorkshire star adds.

While Annas and Nancy carry Tony’s bathing bucket down to the river, Clemmy walks the pony beside her mum. 

“Look mum, he’s walking goodly,” Clemmy enthusiastically pointed out to her mother. 

Amanda chuckled: “He’s walking goodly, he is walking goodly, you’re right.”

“Good little pony,” Clemmy then gushed to her siblings as she showed her love for the animal.

The 47-year-old chimed in on the praise, saying: “He is a great little pony.”

Once the Owen family arrived at the river, Amanda began to pour water over Tony and her children shortly followed. 

“Oh, that refreshing Tony, isn’t it?” she said as water cascaded off the animal.

The Channel 5 host explained to viewers: “Through the wintertime, they get their nice winter coat but through the summer, obviously when they itch and when there are flies and insects, it’s quite nice to get clean and get them looking lovely. 

“It’s also nice every so often, like it is as a person, to get dressed up.”

“Wow, look at this,” she gushed to her children over their bathing skills.

Speaking about her children, she beamed: “They look after Tony on a day-to-day basis. 

“I don’t know whether it’s purely a bath for Tony’s sake or just them playing in the water.”

She went on to add: “But it doesn’t matter, they’re all happy.”

Later on, Amanda was seen praising her daughters even further when she quipped: “You’re like a window cleaner.”

After a thorough cleaning, the children patted their pet pony and the Yorkshire reality star joked: “That main is unbelievable.”

The shepherdess sarcastically added of Tony’s locks: “It’s like [from] a hair advert.”

Our Yorkshire Farm episodes are available to stream on My5

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