'Outer Banks' Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: 'The Darkest Hour'

John B. (Chase Stokes) is in grave danger in “The Darkest Hour.” Fortunately, the Pogues will stop at nothing to clear their friend’s name. Find out what unfolds in the Outer Banks Season 2 episode.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks Season 2, Episode 5 “The Darkest Hour.”]

John B. is in prison for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin in ‘The Darkest Hour’ 

In Outer Banks Season 2, Episode 4, John B. is taken into police custody for the murder of Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter). The Pogues know he didn’t do it, but the rest of the Outer Banks community is suspicious. 

When John B.’s is sentenced to the death penalty if found guilty, the Pogues go into hyperdrive. Kiara (Madison Bailey), J.J. (Rudy Pankow), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) each come up with a unique plan of action to free their friend. 

Pope seeks out Denmark Tanney’s key. Kiara wants to get a lawyer involved. And J.J. comes up with the most reckless plan of all.

Meanwhile, Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) makes plans to testify against her father, Ward (Charles Esten). She tries to connect with Wheezie (Julia Antonelli) and get her to corroborate her story. 

J.J. plans to save John B. by storming the Kildare County jail 

J.J. is at his J.J.—est in “The Darkest Hour.” He plans to break John B. out of prison to buy him more time and escape the death sentence. After a visit to John B.’s cell to explain the plan, “Operation Liberation” begins. 

All John B. has to do is pretend to have acute appendicitis so he can get out of his cell and into the ambulance J.J. “borrows” from his EMT cousin. But just as “Operation Liberation” is about to commence, another inmate goes after John B. under Ward Cameron’s orders. 

Ward Cameron bribes the Kildare County police in ‘The Darkest Hour’ episode of ‘Outer Banks’

Being a wealthy Kook means Ward Cameron has some of the Kildare County police on his payroll. He offers Deputy Plumb (Chelle Ramos) a substantial amount of money to have an inmate “handle” John B. 

Fortunately, the attack doesn’t go as planned. John B. lives to see another day, and Deputy Shoupe (Cullen Moss) starts to get even more suspicious about Ward’s involvement in Peterkin’s death. 

Pope finds Denmark Tanney’s key 

As discussed in “Homecoming,” Pope is after Denmark Tanney’s key so that Carla Limbrey will release the tapes she has proving John B.’s innocence. After asking his dad about the key, Pope learns his grandmother used to wear it around her neck every day. 

Pope later finds the key in the ceiling of his great-grandmother’s old apartment. He notices a secret message on the key that reads: “The path to the tomb begins in the island room.” Now, he and the Pogues are on another treasure hunt.

Kiara talks to her Kook mom about getting John B. a lawyer

While J.J. works through “Operation Liberation” and Pope works on figuring out what Denmark Tanney’s key might open, Kiara seeks help from her Kook mother and Pogue father. Unfortunately, Kiara’s mom thinks the Pogues are a bad influence on her. 

“You are so worried I’m gonna sleep with a Pogue like you did,” Kiara says to her mom. “Well guess what? I already did.” Kiara and Pope take their relationship to the next level during John B.’s homecoming party earlier in Outer Banks Season 2.

Rafe Cameron tries to drown Sarah in ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 ‘The Darkest Hour’

Throughout season 2, Rafe (Drew Starkey) has been grappling with the death of Sheriff Peterkin. He’s worried he will get caught and have to pay for his crimes, so he confides in Ward. 

“Who would you pick?” Rafe asks his father, knowing Sarah is going to testify against them. “I don’t pick between my children,” Ward says.

When Ward can’t make a choice, Rafe snaps. “You saved me?” Ward screams at his son after a brawl. “You f—– us! All of us!” 

Later, Rafe intercepts Wheezie’s phone and finds Sarah, who he shot in the Bahamas. “You got shot because you were following John B.,” he tells her. “You’ve always been against me, and you still are.”  

Knowing Ward won’t take his side, Rafe tries drowning Sarah. But her ex-boyfriend, Topper (Austin North), rescues her. “If you ever touch her again, I’ll kill you,” he tells Rafe before whisking Sarah off in his boat. 

Deputy Shoupe finally gets proof Rafe Cameron killed Peterkin in ‘The Darkest Hour’

After multiple conversations with the Pogues about Peterkin’s death, Shoupe finally has concrete evidence Rafe was the one who shot her that day on the tarmac. After testing the gun, Rafe’s fingerprints were found on the bullets.

“The Darkest Hour” concludes with the FBI moving in on Ward. There’s still five more episodes of Outer Banks Season 2, which Stokes has called his “favorite” (via HollywoodLife) of the two seasons. Stream them now on Netflix.

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