Outlander’s Diana Gabaldon shares disappointing update on beloved character ‘Wish I knew’

Outlander: Caitriona Balfe returns in season six trailer

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers from the tenth Outlander novel.

Outlander season six may be just around the corner but loyal followers of author Diana Gabaldon have already devoured more of Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) story from her novel Go Tell The Bees. As Diana gets to work on her next instalment, she has shared teasers, one of which includes a disappointing update about Lord John Grey (David Berry).

As Diana writes the Outlander stories, she shares daily lines with her followers but her latest update may have left some concerned.

In an update shared on February 10, Claire is talking to William Ransom (Oliver Finnegan) out of earshot of Jamie.

She asks for an update about Lord John and his answer does not sound promising.

The lines, from Claire’s point of view, read: “I glanced over my shoulder; Jamie had gone into the study. ‘And—er—how is Lord John these days?’

“‘I wish I knew,’ he said, face and voice both suddenly bleak.”

Does this mean William and his former protector have lost contact with one another? If so, why have they lost contact?

Could Lord John have gone missing with no word of his whereabouts?

Fans rushed to comment on the latest lines from Diana, with user @nanananapatvan tweeting: “Gasped at #DailyLines – Cried at the first line. Cried at the last. Started getting antsy, so will go and get Beesy again, instead.”

Cathy Mac added: “Am I thinking correctly….. William is on the RIDGE????”

Georgiana Gregory posted: “I was hoping for a reunion in Bees between William and Jamie as well as Jamie and LJG which didn’t happen. Then you had to end Bees on a cliffhanger. You know how to keep us anticipating.”

Nicole continued: “I cannot wait for Jamie and his son to save Lord John. They must save him!”

While Lord John’s whereabouts may be unknown in book 10, Laoghaire actress Nell Hudson has hinted at a return.

Laoghaire features in book seven, An Echo in the Bone, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she popped up in season seven.

Teasing a return, the actress said: “I’ve not read the seventh book yet. I will read it if I’m asked to go back, which I imagine I will be.

“With Laoghaire, they added me more into the TV show than I would be in the books.

“They quite like adding my baddie character every now and again when they can.”

Nell added to Digital Spy: “So I’m sure if she’s got stuff in the books, they’ll definitely want to include that.

“I don’t actually know what happens, whether she does get any kind of redemption or not.

“But I’m quite happy being bad when I’m Laoghaire. I think that’s why the fans like her.”

Outlander season six returns March 6 on Starz in the US and StarzPlay in the UK.

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