Ozark season 3: How did star really feel about Wyatt and Darlene romance?

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Netflix series Ozark exploded in popularity this year after season three dropped at the start of lockdown, bringing with it a whole new group of fans. The show picked up the pieces from the shocking second outing and took the story to new heights of drama. Season three also introduced one of the most unusual and unexpected relationships in the series after Wyatt Langmore (played by Charlie Tahan) and Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) became a couple.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Ozark

Their romance was surprising but made sense given they were both struggling with loss.

For Wyatt, it was learning his beloved cousin Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) had killed his father as well as his uncle, leaving him feeling isolated both emotionally and physically.

He had a promising future ahead of him with college on the horizon as Ruth constantly pushing him to better himself.

But all of this was derailed by the death of his father and knowing the identity of his killer.

Darlene had killed her husband Jacob Snell (Peter Mullan) after she felt he was making imprudent decisions and bending to the will of the Byrdes, whom she firmly viewed as outsiders.

Although she had baby Zeke, whom she was raising to be her successor and inherit her heroin business, Darlene still appeared incomplete.

The only eyebrow-raising element to their relationship seemed to be their age gap which numbered about three decades.

Speaking to Gold Derby in a recent interview, Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy addressed the romance between Wyatt and Darlene.

He said: “That was my favourite thing going into this season. That was kind of all our favourite thing that we were doing.”

Mundy also got a positive reaction from actor Tahan when he told the rising star to outline the plot point.

The showrunner said: “I called Charlie to tell him what the storyline was going to be and he laughed for a solid minute and a half straight. He was so excited to do it.

“For us, we like stories that are surprising but then they weirdly make some kind of sense and for us, each of these people was a little bit broken.

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“So, she needed to take care of something or someone and he had sort of lost his family and Ruth and so we wanted it to feel really organic.

“We always said, we want to write it and we want to film it as if these people are exactly the same age. Because we’re not winking at any of it.

“It’s an actual, emotional relationship and so we just wanted to tell a story about human need and emotion.

“Then obviously with the difference in age it was going to be something people looked sideways at for a split-second.”

He added: “But once we had the idea in the room, it was like, people kept asking, ‘Are we really doing it? We’re really doing it.’ It just went and we just rolled.”

Darlene and Wyatt’s romance also set up many other things in season three, not least of all Ruth coming over to join them after quitting working for the Byrdes.

With the Snells and the Langmores working together alongside the KC Mob, the Byrdes have a huge line-up of enemies to face.

Ozark has always been about the tension between the Byrdes, who are middle-class outsiders, and the more impoverished local residents of the Missouri resort.

Ruth giving up her position with the Byrdes and allying herself with Darlene felt like a homecoming of sorts as she finally embraced her identity.

While there are theories floating around about how Ozark will end, Ruth could be the one to come out on top with her new alliance with Darlene.

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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