Ozark viewers DISGUSTED by extreme age gap sex scene between Wyatt and Darlene – who is ‘old enough to be his nan’ – The Sun

OZARK fans were left in shock after watching an extreme age gap sex scene between Wyatt and Darlene.

And disgusted viewers were quick to point out that Darlene was "old enough to be his nan".

Fans of the Netflix favourite were totally unprepared for the turn of events in episode five of season three, which saw the two characters played by Lisa Emery and Charlie Tahan end up in bed together.

The gritty American crime drama has had viewers hooked but they were quick to hit social media to voice their displeasure.

One Twitter user wrote: "OMG. Wyatt and Darleen…WTF She could be your Grandma #Ozark #Ozarkseason3".

Another added: "Can't unsee the sex scene between darleen and wyatt, that relationship is crazy".

While another face simple commented: "I’m so disturbed at Darleen and Wyatt."

The difference in the two characters is clearly shown in the series, with Darlene a killer who murdered her husband and Wyatt a local youngster who had the chance to go to university.

For others it was more of a physical reaction – "Omg wyatt and darleen!!!!!! I’m going to vomit omggggggggfggggggggg."

Some pleaded for the storyline to change immediately and wrote: "What I’m not gonna do is keep entertaining Wyatt and old ass Darleen as a couple on Ozark.

"They need to stop this."

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