Ozark’s Jade star speaks out on season 4 absence amid Sam Dermody split: ‘Was terrifed’

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Jade (played by Melissa Saint-Amand) made quite the impact following her introduction to the world of Ozark back in season two. Jade was introduced to Netflix viewers as a dancer at Marty Byrde’s (Jason Bateman) lap-dancing bar but quickly stood out from her colleagues after striking up a romance with the gullible bar manager, Sam Dermody (Kevin Johnson). Sadly in season four, however, Jade is nowhere to be seen, and now Saint-Amand has addressed her absence from the final series.

Prior to season four, Jade and Sam’s romance was already on the rocks after he ended up in handcuffs just moments after he proposed to her. 

Jade was concerned Sam had a gambling problem after he was being used but he Byrdes to wash money through their casino but was still overjoyed when he got down on one knee by the roulette table.

But after he planted a ring made from his mother’s ashes on her finger, Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) led him away.

Jade hasn’t been seen since but Sam did provide some context as to her whereabouts in the fourth episode of Ozark season four while chatting to Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner).

After Ruth had tracked him down at a local bookies to offer him the job of manager at the motel she’d just bought to wash money for Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), Sam explained all.

“I know I screwed up at Lickety Splitz, I get that,” a grateful Sam said to Ruth who was all too eager to offer him the job knowing he wouldn’t ask any questions about what she and Darlene were up to.

“Nom you screwed Jade, there’s a difference. You were still a good manager,” Ruth insisted before Sam said: “Yeah, did she tell you we broke up?”

“No, we don’t socialise,” ruth replied before Sam revealed: “By text. Yeah, by text, and she pawned my mum too.”

As Sam tried to explain the process of turning his mum’s ashes into the engagement ring, Ruth swiftly moved the conversation on to him starting at the motel.

This was the last mention of Jade but taking to Instagram to pay tribute to the series, actor Saint-Amand was full of praise for the show despite her off-screen exit.

Alongside a number of shots from her time on the drama, she penned to her 7.3k followers: “I’m not featured in this last season of Ozark, but I am so grateful for the opportunities and wonderful memories this show created.

“I was absolutely terrified to take this role, and had many sleepless nights wondering if it was the right decision.”

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A post shared by Melissa Saint-Amand (@msaintamand)

She continued: “Looking back, I am proud of myself for being brave enough to get up there and strut my stuff, I’m honestly not sure I would be able to now. 

“Thank you to the most wonderful fans of the show who have shown me nothing but kindness. 

“I hope you are all enjoying part 1 of the final season as much as I am!#ozark #ozarknetflixorginal.”

Inevitably it didn’t take long for her followers and Ozark fans to praise the star for her candid post – including one or two familiar faces.

Her on-screen other half Kevin Johnson replied: “It was great getting to work with you! I’m so glad to call you a friend for life!”

And Erin Pierce star Madison Thompson simply echoed: “So amazing! [Fire emoji].”

Ozark’s Cheyenne actor Mariana Novak also weighed in: “I will never forget your kind gesture before the season 2 premiere. 

“You’re an angel, a force, a talent, a beauty inside and out. Thank you.”

Ozark season 4, part 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.

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