Pablo Schreiber Is the Master Chief on Showtime’s ‘Halo’ Adaptation

AceShowbiz -Actor Pablo Schreiber is stepping into the role of Master Chief in the long-awaited TV adaptation of “Halo“.

A series based on the popular video game has been in the works for years, and in February, it was revealed “Robin Hood (2018)” director Otto Bathurst had signed on to take charge of the project for U.S. network Showtime.

Now former “Orange Is the New Black” star Pablo has been tapped to gear up as the lead warrior in the live-action drama, which will imagine an epic 26th century conflict between humans and aliens.

Newcomer Yerin Ha has also been recruited as a new character, named Quan Ah, described as a shrewd, audacious 16 year old from the Outer Colonies, reports

Production on “Halo” is set to begin this autumn in Budapest, Hungary.

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