Parents should be prosecuted for abuse to teachers, says UK’s strictest head

A headteacher has called for parents to be prosecuted for being abusive to teachers.

Alison Colwell, who was branded 'Britain's strictest headteacher' after instigating stricter policies at Ebsfleet Academy, said that she had been forced to call the police on parents who had spat abuse at her in the school.

The headteacher has suffered a barrage of abuse from parents of children attending the school in Swanscombe, Kent and will be moving to Mallorca to run an international school.

Speaking on This Morning today, Alison said that the abusive parents were wrecking their children's futures.

She told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that they were "very proud" of what they achieved at the school.

But she said: "A small number of parents took a dislike to what we were trying to do it."

Asked about the abuse she had suffered, Alison said: "Online, there was a Facebook page which still goes. Emails, abusive answer machines… I've been sworn directly at."

"We've had to call the police to remove an abusive parent," Alison added. "The reason we take this tough love stance it's because we care for the children."

The headteacher said that they had also been "overwhelmed with support" after the abuse was reported.

"You've been called two of the worst words by a parent in front of the child," Phil pointed out.

Alison confirmed that the parent had used the f-word and c-word while talking to her in front of their child.

"This is not my school's problem, this is every school's problem," she said.

Asked whether parents should be prosecuted, Alison said: "Absolutely… doing nothing isn't acceptable."

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