Paul Walker turned down the role of DC Comics hero – ‘I don’t want to die’

Fast and Furious actor posts emotional tribute to Paul Walker

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Today, September 12, would have been Paul Walker’s 48th birthday. The star, who was best known for appearing in the Fast and Furious franchise, died eight years ago on November 30, 2013. After starring in the first Fast and Furious film in 2001 Walker revealed he was approached to star in a DC Comics superhero revival movie.

While promoting his 2003 film Timeline, Walker revealed in an interview he turned down the opportunity to play Superman.

He went on to reveal he discussed it with his director at the time, Richard Donner.

Donner famously directed the first Superman film from 1978 which starred Christopher Reeve.

Walker revealed: “We had conversations and by the end of it, the closing thing I said: ‘Do you think I need it, should I do it?’ [Donner] said: ‘For what sake?’ I said: ‘Financially.’

“He said: ‘No kid, you do it if you want to do it.'” (Via

After spending some time thinking about taking the role, Walker eventually made up his mind.

He went on: “I said: ‘Well I don’t think I want to die as Superman.’ And [Donner] said: ‘Well there’s your answer, don’t do it.’ And that was it.”

The role he was presumably offered was likely taken up by Brandon Routh, who played Clark Kent/Superman in the 2006 film Superman Returns.

The actor went on to reveal why he respected Donner’s comments so much.

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Walker explained: “He’s like a father figure to me. His opinion means a lot to me.

“You won’t find anyone who tells it straighter than Richard Donner in the industry anyhow, I’ll tell you that.”

Did Walker struggle to turn down the iconic role of Superman? “It wasn’t that hard.

“The real pressure came from my representatives and thinking about my family. I want everyone to live sweet, my mom and dad especially, they don’t have a lot of money. I want one day to have the family compound maybe one day in the big island of Hawaii and having a jet to fly everyone out for Christmas is pretty sweet.”

Walker went on: “I think in those terms. I feel like I don’t know if I’d be letting them down or letting myself down if I didn’t one day see it. That was the hardest part because that was it, potentially.”

If it were up to him, the American actor would have played a character from DC Comics – but it would not have been Superman, or even Batman.

He went on: “I was Superman from time to time but Aquaman was the coolest. I loved Aquaman. That guy could stay underwater, hangs out in dolphin.”

Walker’s death devastated Hollywood in 2013.

The star died when the car he was in spun out and hit a concrete lamp post in Santa Clarita, California.

The 40-year-old died alongside his close friend who was also in the car, Roger Rodas.

At the time Walker hadn’t finished filming his scenes for Furious 7.

His brother stood in for the final scenes, before sending off his character.


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