Peaky Blinders fans convinced Winston Churchill is being played by Dec Donnelly

Peaky Blinders fans are convinced that Winston Churchill was being played by Dec Donnelly during tonight's series finale.

The sixth episode of series 5 started with fan favourite Tommy Shelby speaking to Winston Churchill in his office.

The future Prime Minister told the Birmingham criminal gang leader that he had found out he was actually spying on sinister Oswald Mosley.

The pair were discussing their plan of action and Winston even claimed he would come up to visit the Shelbys at the end of their meeting.

Peaky Blinders viewers questioned Churchill's odd appearance – with some questioning whether it was Geordie presenter Dec in prosthetics.

Dec regularly puts on prosthetics as a disguise to go undercover with pal Ant McPartlin in pranks for Saturday Night Takeaway.

They have previously managed to trick Gordon Ramsay, Jeremy Kyle and James Corden on their hilarious show.

And some viewers were convinced that Dec was up to his old tricks during the Peaky Blinders finale.

Taking to Twitter , one viewer said: "Winston Churchill in #peakyblinders looking a cross between Mrs Doubtfire and Declan Donnelly doing his prosthetics pranks"

"Is Dec from #antndec doing an Undercover sting as Churchill on #PeakyBlinders," added another.

A third said: "Winston Churchill in #PeakyBlinders looks like Declan Donnelly in one of his disguises @antanddec"

"Was that winston churchill or was it just dec undercover again?," asked a fourth.

This is the third time that Churchill has been recast for the BBC show – having first appeared in series 1.

Back then, Churchill, played by Andy Nyman, was receiving a report about the missing military guns from antagonist Inspector Campbell.

He was recast in series 2 and played by Richard McCabe – with Churchill enjoying a life drawing lesson.

Humans and Football Factory actor Neil Maskell played Churchill during tonight's season finale.

Questioning the character's apperance on Twitter, one viewer tweeted: "Could they not get an actor that looked more like churchill rather than use prosthetics?"

"Is it just me or does Churchill look like a cartoon type CGI character a Video Game," added another.

A third asked: "Is it just me or have they gone overboard on the cgi on Churchill?

*Peaky Blinders airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm

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