Peaky Blinders: Oswald Mosley and Gina Gray theory debunked – here’s what you missed

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Peaky Blinders fans have long believed Michael Grey’s (Finn Cole) menacing wife Gina Gray (played by Anya Taylor-Joy) was a lot more devious than previously thought and had her pegged as the mystery blonde who was getting down to it with Oswald Mosely (Sam Claflin) in the finale of series five.

It definitely wasn’t Anya Taylor-Joy and it certainly wasn’t a stand-in for her character

Anthony Byrne

And for nearly a year they might have been right, as we never saw her face, leaving much to the imagination.

This could have potentially explained how Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) plan fell apart that fateful night of Oswald’s final address at the British Union of Fascists rally.

But alas, a theory was all it was, as current director Anthony Byrne has slashed all concepts, as intricate as they might have been.

Shooting down hopes of an illicit romance between the pair, he revealed in a recent Q&A: “I would’ve shown Anya Taylor-Joy, there would have been a reason, it would have been more shocking to see her and know once and for all.”

“But no, I don’t remember her name, she was a really lovely woman who came in and did that scene.”


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Anthony went on to admit that sex scenes are always difficult, especially when an actor involved is only on set for a day.

“It’s just those conversations, working out the action and making sure at every point both people know exactly what is going to happen so nothing is improvised at all.

“Then creating a kind of comfortable environment on the set and having as few people around.”

But he was adamant to put an end to the fan theory that Oswald and Gina were having an affair.

“It definitely wasn’t Anya Taylor-Joy and it certainly wasn’t a stand-in for her character. So yeah, no is the answer.”

It seems viewers are hoping for a little more scandal in the already scandalous series!

And while Anthony put that theory to bed, he may have dropped a little hint that a major character might make a return in the near future.

Anyone remember Princess Tatiana Petrovna (Gaite Jansen) from series three?

Well, we could see the Duchess return to Birmingham, bringing with her a heap more trouble for Tommy.

Tatiana was first seen on-screen after being brought to the Shelby’s by Sergeant Moss of the Birmingham Police.

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She gives the Peaky Blinders a case filled with $10,000 in cash and it becomes clear that the firm is starting a dodgy business relationship with the Russians.

But there was clearly more going on to the duchess’ visit as we found out that she has double-crossed her family and wanted Tommy to steal jewels from them.

She also seduced him in an attempt to cure his sadness about Grace’s death, which we all know he will never get over.

And Anthony would happily bring her back if he had the choice.

Noting he never worked with actress, he gushed: “She was so f*g good!

“I’ve never seen a female character like that before, somebody who was so clever and so smart and also completely unpredictable and insane.”


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He described her as the only character who has “completely unhinged” Tommy: “She was so crazy that he didn’t know what she was going to do.”

He continued: “I really enjoyed watching what she did with that role, and she’s still alive!”

The director grinned – maybe he’s dropping some sort of hint that Tatiana could be the one to push an already fragile Tommy over the edge?

Season five ended with him looking like he’s lost the plot completely, and Anthony admitted she played a big part in his undoing.

Will we be welcoming back the Russian Princess anytime soon?

Peaky Blinders is available to watch on Netflix now.

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