Peter Andre shares video of Princess and Junior bickering over a game of Monopoly on luxury ski trip – The Sun

PETER Andre has shared a video of children Princess and Junior bickering over a game of Monopoly on a luxury ski trip.

The 46-year-old star has whisked his family away to France for a New Year's holiday.

Alongside his two children with Katie Price, Peter's five-year-old daughter Amelia, three-year-old son Theo, and wife Emily are also on the trip.

Taking to his Instagram Story earlier this evening, the star proved that even the beauty of their accommodation wasn't enough to stop sibling rivalry as he documented his two oldest squabbling over the board game.

In the clip, Peter films around the cosy looking lodge as he updates his fans.

With Emily relaxing on the sofa and the two youngest children in bed, Peter then aims the camera at Princess, 12, and 14-year-old Junior sitting on the floor.

After Princess waves gleefully at the camera, she tells her big brother: "You rolled a two, stop lying!"

Junior moaned back about his piece being in jail.

The content father captioned the post: "Lovely" alongside a smiley face emoji.

The post comes one day after Peter took to his Instagram Story to jokingly ask fans for parenting tips as Junior refused to go to bed for the night.

Sitting next to the teen – and clearly ready for bed – Peter filmed himself as he asked: "Dude are you planning to go to bed at all?"

Junior responded by offering to show him an Instagram video, with the singer said to the camera: "Please help me!

"Dude I have heard it all, I am going to bed."


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