Phil Collins accused ex-wife Orianne of 'extortion' after claims the music legend ‘stank so bad they couldn’t have sex’

PHIL Collins has hit back at his ex-wife Orianne Cevey’s explosive claims and slammed the brunette beauty for allegedly “trying to extort him.”

The music legend’s attorney has responded to shocking accusations made by Orianne that the Grammy winner “stank so bad he couldn’t have sex” during their nine-year marriage.

The Swiss jewelry designer's claims about Phil's personal hygiene and living habits came in new documents as she said he had gone back on his word to give her half of his $40 million Miami mansion.

On Tuesday, the 69-year-old music legend’s attorney revealed to The Daily Mail that these comments were a “scandalous and scurrilous” attempt to “wreck his reputation.”

In addition, the lawyer requested the judge remove her statement from their record and “hit their counterparts with extra legal fees.”

The In The Air singer’s legal team continued to slam Orianne’s claims as “a litany of demonstrably false, immaterial, impertinent, scandalous and scurrilous allegations which have nothing to do with the legal claims in this case.”

"These allegations are included only to further defendants' plan to deliberately make sensationalized and/or false allegations in an effort to extort money,” the motion obtained by the outlet said. 

According to the publication, the attorneys also insisted to the court in Miami and Judge Spencer Eig that these comments were made in “bad faith.”

“The court should order them stricken and then order that there will be no discovery on these topics because they are plainly not relevant,” the court paper stated. 

Phil’s attorney concluded in the scathing response: “To be clear, these false and scandalous allegations are included only so that they can be delivered by defendants to the media to try to damage Phil Collins' reputation.”

Yesterday, shocking allegations were made from Phil’s ex wife that the drummer had "stopped brushing his teeth" and "stank so bad he couldn't have sex", TMZ first reported.

She insisted that Phil promised her a 50 per cent stake in their new home and they had an "oral co-habitation agreement”.

However, Phil, 69, has been battling to remove her and new younger husband Thomas Bates, 31, from the megastar’s Florida home. 

But according to TMZ, Orianne filed new court documents claiming he's done a U-turn on a 2015 deal they made when they got back together following their 2008 divorce.

The brunette beauty said she gave up a $20m stake in her other Miami home when she got a "quickie divorce" from her then husband Charles Mejjati in order to be reunited with Phil.

She also claimed he abused pain killers, smelled and was unable to have sex.

She stated: "Philip's stench became so pervasive that he became a hermit, refusing to interact personally with any people.”

Despite the ongoing battle, she has continued to flaunt her love for Thomas and shared a photo of her nine-year-old son on social media.

She captioned the snap: "We are so happy together and Choupy loves Tom!”

Orianne and Phil, who have two children – Nicholas and Matthew – married in 1999, before divorcing in 2008. 

The couple did reunite in 2015 before the she dumped the 69-year-old singer via her text in this summer.

Phil was reportedly forced to award over $30million to his ex in the settlement.

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