Phillip Schofield forced to take over from co-star after blunder

Rochelle Humes in hysterics after making very rude blunder on air

Rochelle Humes joined Phillip Schofield once again on the ITV magazine show as Holly Willoughby recovers from shingles.

However, the usually-professional Rochelle had to pause presenting on the mid-week instalment of This Morning because she was in hysterics about an off-air blunder.

She asked Phillip to take over and explain to the audience what was going on because she couldn’t compose herself.

It turned out Rochelle was laughing at herself because she has “big ear holes”.

Phillip explained the story as Rochelle became teary with laughter.

After an ad break, Rochelle was audibly chuckling as the presenters returned to the screen.

“You’re going to have to say it, this has got me,” she told Phillip.

“It’s your ear,” Phillip replied as Rochelle continued to howl with laughter.

Eventually, Phillip stated: “We found out yesterday…” but he turned to Rochelle to confirm she was happy with him to share the story.

“Are you sure?” he asked as a giggling Rochelle replied: “You’ve got to.”

“We found out yesterday that Rochelle’s got quite wide earholes,” Phillip revealed.

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In a bizarre moment, he continued: “And her earpiece… when she moves her head falls out.

“And they’ve actually padded it and they’ve wrapped stuff around it to make it a bit wider.

“And she just turned her head a second ago and it shot out of her ear.”

As Rochelle continued to try to compose herself and stop laughing, Phillip continued to fill in confused viewers.

“I bent down and picked it up and I surreptitiously put it in her hand and now it’s made her laugh.”

“I couldn’t hide the laughing,” Rochelle added through more guffaws.

“I just don’t know,” just added, wiping her eyes.

“Did you ever know that before, that you’ve got really big ear holes?” Phillip asked.

“The hole is big!” Rochelle commented before her co-star added: “It’s mad!”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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