Phillip Schofield snaps at This Morning guest over his new book: ‘No chance!’

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Rachel’s future-telling powers left both Phillip and Holly intrigued as they welcomed her to This Morning via video link today. Chatting live from Tasmania, Rachel claimed she’d foreseen the coronavirus pandemic as well as knowing what lies ahead for both of the ITV presenters. However, when she revealed what she thought Phillip had in the pipeline, he was quick to shut her down.

Phillip’s recently enjoyed success in the books chart, with his autobiography ‘Life’s What You Make It’ being released earlier this month.

The book details every aspect of the This Morning presenter’s life, including his personal journey prior to coming out as gay on the ITV show earlier this year.

But it looks like Phillip’s foray into the world of literature isn’t done there as Rachel claimed on the show today another book is in the pipeline.

He asked Rachel: “What about us then? Do you see anything for the pair of us?”

Rachel divulged: “I did actually have a look at your future and there is a second book for you, Phillip.”

The This Morning host looked stunned as he stared down the camera before she continued: “Quite a different book to the first one,

“A bit more personal,” Rachel added, prompting Phillip to interrupt.

“I’m writing something that’s more personal?” Phillip shouted, shocked at what he’d just heard.

“No chance!” he added with co-host Holly seeing the funny side of his outburst.

Rachel then said it would a cross between “a little black book and a diary” as Phillip listened on, shaking his head.

But it wasn’t just Phillip who Rachel tipped to be making moves into the world of publishing.

Holly was told she’d be penning her very own children’s book – but with a major difference.

“You’ll write a children’s book that gets converted into cutting edge technology,” Rachel told Holly.

She added: “(It) will allow you to walk around inside your book.”

Both Holly and Phillip were taken aback by the claims before the latter had a joke up his sleeve.

“Let’s combine the two and you can walk around in mine,” Phillip quipped.



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