Piers Morgan and Dan Walker clash after BBC Breakfast suffers technical fail that pulls them off the air

Good Morning Britain‘s Piers Morgan could not resist another dig at his BBC rival Dan Walker, after the latter’s morning programme went off air earlier on Tuesday (December 4).

BBC Breakfast suffered a bit of a technical hitch this morning as it went off our screens for a short while, which Dan addressed on Twitter.

“Can you see us on BBC1? Have we gone somewhere? Can someone put the plug back in?” he wrote, though later reassured fans once it came back.

“We’re back,” he said. “The flux capacitor is working again”.

Not one to hold back, Piers could not resist a cheeky dig at Dan by tweeting back: “Cut off for being too boring?”

However, the BBC host didn’t take it lying down, hitting out at Piers’ show Good Morning Britain: “Our black screen still had double your audience”.


Piers also decided to bring the rivalry to GMB this morning, saying of BBC Breakfast‘s tech fail: “Our rivals at BBC Breakfast have had the plug pulled on them.

“Apparently they went off air. Apparently it took a long time for anyone to realise. If you’re watching the BBC and you’re obviously bored come over here – we have power in every sense.”

Piers and Dan have a longstanding feud, the pair usually sparring over their respective ratings – even though BBC Breakfast tends to do better.

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV, while BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One.

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