‘Police need to act’ Kwasi Kwarteng blasts M25 protest ‘This is completely unnacceptable!’

M25 protests ‘unacceptable behaviour’ says Kwasi Kwarteng

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Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng argued the police should be making arrests on the M25 as Insulate Britain protestors blocked traffic. While speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Kwarteng said what the climate change group were doing was “unacceptable”. Insulate Britain protestors have caused continuous disruption over the last week with protests on the M25 that have caused severe traffic delays. 

Angry drivers have repeatedly confronted the protest group with many claiming they are actually harming the cause they are fighting for. 

Mr Kwarteng said: “I think you are absolutely right, I think it is completely unacceptable behaviour.

“That is why my colleague, Priti Patel the Home Secretary is really trying to push action on this.

“I don’t think it is acceptable for people to be delaying others who are critically injured and stopping them from getting vital hospital services.

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GMB host Richard Madeley questioned how effective Ms Patel orders to the police have been so far.

He said: “Priti Patel had that collective meeting three or four days ago where she laid down the law basically to senior police officers.

“She said, you have got to stop this happening and if it does happen you have got to make swift arrests and get the roads opened again.

“Look at this morning, we have got the most effective demonstrating so far.

M25: Insulate Britain block both sides of carriageway

“Effective in the sense that the fast lanes are all blocked.

“What is going wrong, why aren’t the police able to get in there and stop it happening before it starts?”

Mr Kwarteng argued that the host would have to ask local police forces why they were unable to prevent these protests on the motorways.

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