'Power Book II' Star Shane Johnson Explains Why Saxe's Nickname Is 'Uncle Nancy'

Power Book II: Ghost wrapped up its first season in January, leaving plenty of juicy storylines open when it returns with season 2. While Tommy’s appearance was one of the highlights of the show, Cooper Saxe’s everlasting presence also provided extra splashes of drama and humor.

Day one Power fans know that Saxe doesn’t play fair when he focuses on a target, but the spinoff revealed he has a nickname that he absolutely hates: Nancy. Actor Shane Johnson spoke on why his character got stuck with the moniker and cleared up one rumor.

Cooper Saxe got more shine in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Though fans were already familiar with Saxe’s antics from the original Power, Power Book 2 showcased more of his backstory and family life.

All these years, people have wondered why Saxe has been so pressed about the St. Patricks and Tommy. Some noted that he seemed like a loner. That is not exactly the case for “Uncle Nancy.”

In season 1 of the new spinoff, the rule-breaking federal prosecutor was up to his usual antics and turned his niece Riley into an unsanctioned informant.

At work, Ott stayed on his case to ensure James St. Patrick/Ghost maintained a clean image with the DNC, even after death. Tariq was the focus of Power Book II: Ghost, but Saxe’s involvement with Tasha’s case was its own story.

After a string of shady dealings, he’s now headed for a new gig with Davis MacLean. He’s here to stay.

Some fans already found Saxe to be a source of comedic relief, but they also learned that he is the constant butt of jokes in his family, particularly with his siblings. Hence the name, “Uncle Nancy.”

Shane Johnson explains why Saxe is called ‘Uncle Nancy’

Shane Johnson recently hopped on Instagram Live for an interview with “Tea With Tia.” One of the things they discussed is the running gag in Saxe’s family to call him Nancy.

Apparently, there are some fans who thought Saxe’s “Uncle Nancy” nickname indicated that he is transgender, but Johnson explained that’s not the case. It stems from his character’s childhood.

Explaining it from Saxe’s perspective, he broke things down.

“So, Cooper was a younger brother. I have two older sisters, parents that don’t give a sh*t but have tons of money,” said Johnson.

“And so, my sisters would dress me up, put makeup on me, and put me in dresses and stuff. And I was a little kid. That’s kind of when that energy started that I just never could outgrow. Also, I don’t think it helps that my little brother is bigger than I am, and probably more handsome than I am, and more successful than I am.”

The teasing in the Saxe family never let up, even into adulthood. Johnson expressed that his character is probably the smartest out of his siblings, but he’s not plugged into the Saxe family’s wealth. Instead, he’s been working most of his life for a modest salary in law enforcement.

Johnson summed it up by saying his character has something to prove when it comes to his parents, sisters, and brother.

Johnson believes Saxe will prosper in ‘Power Book 2’ Season 2

Season 1 ended with Saxe out of a job at the U.S. Attorney’s office — for the second time — and an unexpected offer to work at Davis MacLean’s office. Johnson thinks Saxe purposely avoided taking a cushy position at his brother’s firm because he wanted to break away from the family mold.

Moving forward, he hopes his character can finally bring home a win. That could happen through a tag team with MacLean and whatever case he tries to build next.

Power Book II: Ghost began filming season 2 in February and the story will welcome a new drug-dealing villain into the fold named Mecca. Season 1 of the series can be streamed on Starz.

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