Power’s Tommy actor explains true motives behind sparing Tasha’s life – despite her murdering LaKeisha

POWER'S Joseph Sikora has explained Tommy Egan's true motives behind sparing Tasha’s life – despite her murdering LaKeisha.

The sixth and final season of the hit Starz series has been full of twists and turns, especially around who shot James 'Ghost' St Patrick.

Tommy was recently taken off the suspects list, after he found Ghost bleeding to death in Truth nightclub.

However, Tommy still had plenty of drama to deal with, as he held Ghost's ex-wife Tasha St Patrick at gunpoint after discovering she had killed her best friend, LaKeisha Grant.

Tommy had believed it was Ghost who had killed his on-off lover, as a revenge attack for Angela Valdes.

Tasha had murdered her pal in act of self-preservation earlier in the series, but despite pointing a gun at her, Tommy let Tasha live.

Speaking to TV Inside, Joseph explained his characters decision, saying: "Tommy chose Tariq in that scene. More than Tasha, Tommy chose Tariq.

“I think Tommy did the most loving thing he possibly could do when he pushed Tariq over the edge of the building and basically told him in a nutshell, ‘I’m walking away from you because if I don’t, I’m gonna have to kill you.’ That’s just how it goes.

“So, by not killing Tasha he left his nephew—his godson—with a mother.

"And that was the kindest, most loving thing he possibly could have done.”

In a separate interview with Power Confidential, Joseph added that Tommy had left Tasha in her "own personal prison" to live with the consequences of killing her friend.

Tommy understands that sort of punishment all too well, having to live with his own guilt over shooting dead Angela.

However, the end of the episode saw Tommy leave New York for a new life in California, with fans no doubt hoping his move will spark another Power spin-off series.

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