Prince Harry and Meghan ‘on ropes’ in UK as critic blasts name as ‘offensive’

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A TV host has blasted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice of name for their new-born daughter.

Sky News Australia’s Alan Jones, a regular critic of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, claimed they “are on the ropes” with their UK audience.

He believed the choice of Lilibet – which was Prince Philip’s affectionate nickname for the Queen – was “absurd”.

“We all know by now that Harry and Meghan welcomed a baby daughter into their family this week, Lilibet Diana,” he said.

“The name is absurd. These two know they are on the ropes in the United Kingdom and with the Royal Family.

“This is sycophancy at its worst. It is also offensive.”

Lilibet was “a childhood nickname that has stuck throughout [the Queen’s] life and was often used by Prince Philip, in terms of affection, and no one else.

Pulling no punches, he continued: “But these two, Harry and Meghan, have no shame.

“What on earth were they thinking using such an intimate and personal family nickname?

"It is just an exercise of two nobodies trying to stay relevant.

“As one commentator in the UK said, the name Lilibet is a presumptuous choice for a baby who’s eighth in line to the throne and who’ll grow up on the other side of the world with an American accent.”

Continuing his criticism of the Sussexes, Alan said: “This choice of name has the attention-seeking Meghan Markle written all over it – the modern-day Wallis Simpson.

“Harry and Meghan never stop accusing the royals of everything under the sun, faking victimhood while they live in their $14m, nine-bedroom, 16-bathroom Californian mansion.”

The Australian journalist often rants about the Sussexes on his TV show, last month calling them "fake".

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