Prince Harry savagely mocked for ‘moaning about LA life’ in brutal new cartoon

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Prince Harry has been mocked callously in animated series 'The Prince' where he appears to live in a bland apartment in California.

HBO Max's satirical cartoon which focuses on the young Prince George has already caused quite the stir on social media as it displays a parodic twist to the day-to-day life of the royals.

The popular streaming platform is set to release the first 12 episodes of the series on July 29.

But to wet viewer's appetites, HBO Max have released a two-minute trailer – in which Harry's over the top character also appears.

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In the short clip, a butler hands the fictionalised Prince George a postcard from California.

The scene then quickly cuts to an apartment in the US, where Prince Harry is seen wandering around, while wife Meghan looks at the prince worryingly.

The Duke of Sussex who is voiced by actor Orlando Bloom said: "This might be the smallest palace I've ever been in."

Meghan replied: "Well it's…an apartment."

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Harry responded: "Yes, an apartment-palace, I know that.

"Lots of tiny palaces inside one big palace," he added.

The Prince will star Sex and the City 2 actress Condola Rashad, who plays Meghan Markle .

The Queen is voiced by actress Frances de la Tour, Sophie Turner voices Princess Charlotte and Dan Stevens plays both Prince Charles and Prince Philip in the series.

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The young Prince George is voiced by Gary Janetti who is also the creator of the cartoon series.

Creator Janetti first placed funny remarks and snarky comments that he imagined Prince George would say on his Instagram account and the idea for the show grew rapidly from there.

The Prince was originally scheduled to air earlier in the year, but due to the passing of Prince Philip the show was pushed back.

But although the show is trying it's best to portray a lighter side to the royal family, it has received backlash from royal fans who believe the cartoon should not focus on eight-year-old George.

Expressing their concerns on Twitter, one fan penned: "I don’t care for the family members that are still on that little island, but this is wrong on so many levels. Leave children alone.

"PS. Harry and his family live in an estate not the tiny apartment that ya’ll wish."

While another commented: "Keep the kids out of it. They shouldn’t be parodied."

A third said: "No no no no. The adults of the Royal Family, fine do whatever you like I guess.

"But George & the other royal children should be off-limits."

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