Private detective murdered by Gary in Corrie?

As much as Gary Windass (Mikey North) in Coronation Street tries to cover his tracks after murdering loan shark Rick Neelan and being responsible for the factory roof collapse, there’s more than a few people on the cobbles that have noticed his change in personality and acting differently. Upcoming episodes see Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson) private detective who he hired to spy on Gary get a little too close for comfort – could he be Gary’s next victim?

After being unable to control his anger after learning Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) got another job and is cashing in while still owing him hundreds, Gary attacked Ryan.

Outside the Rovers, Gary makes it clear to Derek (Craige Els) the same will happen to him if he doesn’t get far away from Izzy. Adam’s private detective observes from the row of his car, while scrolling through the photos on his phone of Gary beating up Ryan.

Adam learns it was Gary who attacked Ryan and confides in Imran (Charlie De Melo). Adam and Imran confront Ryan but he flatly denies it, sticking to the story that he was mugged. Ryan informs Gary that Adam’s had a private detective tailing him and outside the furniture shop, Gary clocks the detective in his car and his expression darkens.

Here we go again! But will Gary’s anger boil over and mean he murders the private detective? Murdering the detective would mean people have less chance of discovering that Gary was responsible for the factory roof collapse, Rana’s death and Rick Neelan’s death, so we’d say a murder is highly likely…

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