Quicksand season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Quicksand season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Netflix released its Swedish teen drama series Quicksand on April 5 with six episodes dropped onto the platform in one go. Quicksand – or Störst av allt in Swedish – follows a teen on trial for murder after some of her fellow students wind up dead. The teen drama falls into a similar vein to 13 Reasons Why and Élite, which proved to be hits on Netflix and received recommissions.

Will there be another series of Quicksand?

The short answer is that we just don’t know – at this stage, it’s too early.

Quicksand only dropped on Netflix recently, so the streaming platform will be looking at audience figures before making a call on a renewal.

Netflix revealed to The Verge that it considers a show or film watched if 70 percent of the total running time including the credits have been viewed, so if enough people watch at least this much it could lead to another series.

Quicksand comes after a number of big high school-set dramas have performed well on Netflix – fellow teen drama Sex Education got the green light for season two earlier this year, so the series is in good stead.

The release of Quicksand itself proves there’s an appetite for this type of series and is a growing genre on television, again suggesting we could see more.


When will Quicksand season 2 be released on Netflix?

Quicksand dropped in April this year, so depending on when the show gets recommissioned we could expect a possible season two return at a similar time in 2020.

Netflix is likely to order another six episodes like the first run which will be available all in one go.

What will happen in Quicksand season 2?

Season one of Quicksand focused on a seemingly well-adjusted teenager who ended up in the dock for murder after a high school shooting with her finger on the trigger.

The drama followed the romance of teens Maja (played by Hanna Ardéhn) and her boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks, Sebastian (Felix Sandman) before things got out of hand and ended in death.

Quicksand saw the action taking place with the trial and flashbacks to the events leading up to the tragedy.


The second season of Quicksand could pick up from the events of the first run, perhaps following other characters in the show.

The show is set in a wealthy Stockholm suburb and again the action could take place in this setting.

Quicksand is based on the 2016 book of the same name by Swedish author Malin Persson Giolito but there is no sequel, so a follow up series could be a brand new story.

If this is the case, the format would be similar to 13 Reasons season two which branched off in a new direction after the first run served as a complete adaptation of Jay Asher’s YA novel.


Who will be in the cast of Quicksand season 2?

The cast will be dependent on the direction of the story, so the main stars could be back

Among the cast who could return could be Hanna Ardéhn as Maja and Felix Sandman as Sebastian – but it’s too early to say at this stage.

Then again, we could see completely new cast members if the show shifts its focus.

However, Camilla Ahlgren – who also worked on Scandi Noir The Bridge – could be back on writing duties for a possible season two.

Quicksand is available to watch on Netflix now

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