Reuben Owen makes savage dig at dad Clive in new series

Reuben Owen says dad Clive 'has no sense of humour'

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Amanda Owen’s eldest son Reuben, 18, stars in the new Channel 5 series Beyond the Yorkshire Farm alongside his father Clive. On Tuesday night’s episode, Reuben experienced his first autumn in business and his father assisted him with a super-sized stonework project. While they were carrying out the mammoth task, Reuben made a dig at his dad which left the latter unimpressed. 

Clive, 68, was surprised when Reuben purchased a vintage tractor from an old friend named Dave as an investment for Ravenseat Farm. 

Reuben’s friend Tom was hoping he could be employed to work for him full-time as he was more interested in using his hands than studying engineering. 

However, Reuben felt it was not an ideal time to offer his pal a role with winter approaching and Tom agreed before deciding to become a mechanic. 

Reuben thought Tom might be able to help with the machinery on his Yorkshire farm once he qualified. 

In the meantime, Reuben enlisted Tom’s assistance in repairing the old tractor he’d purchased, but it wasn’t long before Clive got involved. 

Clive told the cameras: “Tom and Reuben have worked flat-out all summer and they work together really well and enjoy each other’s company, so that is really good. 

“Now the time has come when Tom has to look to his future and decide what is best for him, so it’s important we talk things through with him as his future depends on it.” 

The best friends were committed to working together with Clive’s guidance, but they soon started teasing him. 

As they were struggling with some machinery, Reuben jibed: “Dad’s definitely been diagnosed with no sense of humour.” 

A shocked Clive tried to laugh off his son’s cutting remark as they continued with their enormous stonework project in the rain. 

Reuben appeared thankful his experienced father was able to teach him how to use a digger to make a stonewall on their land. 

Many Channel 5 viewers took to social media to comment on the bond between Reuben and Clive. 

Kev tweeted: “What a joyous programme this is, young Reuben is a grafter and his old man couldn’t be prouder. Just wonderful to watch #beyondtheyorkshirefarm.” 

Tracy added: “#Beyondtheyorkshirefarm is an ace move by @channel5_tv. Clive deserves his moment in the spotlight and with Reuben; their bond is wonderful! I’m sure it’ll be inspirational to men and boys of all generations.” (sic) 

@TweetHeike said: “I think Reuben and his friends are the kind of role models this country desperately needs. Great to meet a host of new characters too. Lovely to learn more about Clive too. #BeyondTheYorkshireFarm.” 

TJ penned: “Oh this is so heartwarming. Dad and lad working and bonding #beyondtheyorkshirefarm.” 

@Moafj shared: “What a nice programme, Clive is out of his shell and Reuben’s doing well. Very proud Dad #beyondtheyorkshirefarm.”

Annie remarked: “Good to see that #beyondtheyorkshirefarm will be back next year. I hadn’t realised diggers could be so interesting!” (sic) 

Reuben has eight siblings, with many featuring in the new series, but his mother Amanda is not part of the show following her split from husband Clive earlier this year. 

Beyond the Yorkshire Farm continues next Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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