'RHOC': Tamra Judge Makes This Ominous Prediction About Emily Simpson's Marriage

Divorce seems to be like a virus in the OC as Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives from Orange County predicts Emily Simpson’s marriage won’t last.

She told US Weekly the writing is on the wall and doesn’t think Emily and Shane Simpson will ride off into the sunset of wedded bliss. “Probably … Yeah, I think so,” she said when asked if the couple would divorce. Shane has been noticeably missing from Emily’s Instagram since late June after she celebrated her husband’s birthday. “Happy Birthday Babe!” she wrote. Emily and Shane’s three children seem to be more of Emily’s focus on the social media platform.

The couple had a tense relationship last season, especially when Emily tried to discuss having more children. She wanted to entertain the idea, whereas Shane quickly shut her down.

This season is about the bar

The season kicked off with Emily entertaining Shane’s family for his mother’s birthday party. Shane is a no-show as Emily awkwardly tries to get in the celebratory mood. When she tries to talk to him on the phone he is terse and snaps at her.

The couple discusses how Shane needs to pass the bar. Emily is a practicing lawyer, which Emily acknowledges may make it tough for her husband. Adding insult to injury, Emily ends up spending her tenth wedding anniversary alone because Shane is studying for the bar.

Emily may be still smarting from hearing Shannon Beador compare Shane to her ex, David last year. She chalked up the comparison to Shannon’s erratic behavior she displayed on a girls’ trip to Jamaica. “Let’s be honest here: Shannon compared Shane to her ex, David, without ever meeting Shane,” Emily wrote in a blog last season. “I’m simply making a comparison based upon what I am seeing firsthand. Witnessing Shannon’s behavior in Jamaica just made me hope that she is getting the help that she needs to have a happy and fulfilling life and to be able to move forward positively.” 

Tamra may know what she’s talking about

Tamra is twice divorced but now happily married to Eddie Judge. So she has some unique insight into a marriage headed for trouble. When Shanon tried to resurrect her marriage to David, Tamra was supportive but knew the couple was headed for divorce.

When Shannon visited a physician to find out if an underlying health problem was helping to fuel her weight gain, Tamra went with her. The doctor commented about what Shannon needed to do to lose the weight to which Tamra sarcastically added that she just needed a divorce.

The following season found Shannon divorced and depressed. Fortunately, Shannon got healthy, launched her own business and now has a new boyfriend. “She did get her groove back, and she’s in a relationship with a guy that’s really nice, John, and she’s happy, and she’s just a more positive Shannon,” Tamra told US Weekly. “I like him. I met him one time. From what I’ve seen, the one time, really good guy. And the things that she shared with me, that he just seems really into her. And that’s what everybody wants.”

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