'RHONJ' Tea: Margaret Threatens to Walk Out of Danielle Staub's Wedding, Predicts Marriage Won't Last

Serious fly between the two “Housewives” before Danielle says “I do.”

Danielle Staub’s big, fat Bahamian wedding had more tension and anger than happily ever afters.

Are you surprised? Because we’re not.

Sunday’s "Real Housewives of New Jersey" documented the big day, capturing the growing tension between Danielle and one of her co-stars/bridesmaids/best friends, Margaret Josephs. Remember their big blowup a few weeks back over Danielle being a demanding "Bridezilla" and Margaret finally snapping? Yeah, it only got worse the closer they got to the wedding.

First, Danielle wanted her whole "bride squad" to strip down to their matching bathing suits for a photo shoot on the beach. Margaret was insanely self-conscious about being in such a tiny suit around so many fit women, so she asked if she could keep her pants on. Danielle wasn’t having it. Then, on their way to the rehearsal dinner, Margaret pointed out that the forecast for the day of the wedding was rain. Danielle was pissed.

"Whatever you think about, you bring about, so thank you," she snapped at Margaret. Danielle then looked at Matron of Honor Teresa Giudice and said, "She keeps saying it ’cause she wants to curse my wedding."

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that table-flipping Teresa — of all people — was Danielle’s MOH?

Danielle’s wedding planner noticed the bride was in a mood and asked, "Everything good?" Danielle replied, "I’m gonna kill a bridesmaid, but we’re good."

During the rehearsal dinner, Danielle ended up corning Joe Gorga and Margaret’s husband (also named Joe) and demanded to know who told her fiancé, Marty Caffrey, that she was only marrying him for his money. The day before, the guys all went out for drinks, and the Joes warned Marty that he was getting into a lot with Danielle. Marty got defensive and even threw a drink at Joe No. 2, but no one blatantly said anything about Danielle being after his money. Regardless of who said what, the Joes did a great job of diffusing the situation and assured Danielle that Marty was "crazy" about her.

The next morning, the ladies all gathered in Danielle’s suite to get ready for the big day. They all arrived with wet hair because they were told "full glam" would be provided. Danielle was fuming. She said her glam squad wouldn’t have time for full blowouts because they needed to focus on her. Fair enough. Margaret graciously picked up a blow dryer and started drying her hair herself, but not even that was enough for the Bridezilla.

"Look at Margaret drying her hair! You’re almost forgiven for last night," Danielle said. "Marty knows what he’s getting into. You didn’t need to have your husband give him a warning."

"I’m gonna tell you something," Margaret finally said to Danielle. "I f–king have your back more than anybody. Out of everybody here, you speak to me the worst and treat me the worst. I’m watching the way you act, and I’m disappointed."

Danielle maintained that Margaret "blindsided" her and broke her heart "in half," so Margaret stood up and said, "Guess what? I am getting on a plane. I will not be in the wedding. Enjoy yourselves, and it’s over."

Like she’s done time and time again, Danielle chased Margaret out of the hotel suite, crying and apologizing. Margaret eventually accepted the apology and put on a happy face.

"I’m so upset, but it’s her wedding, and I’m just gonna go through with it," Margaret told the camera. "But in my head, I’m thinking, ‘I can’t live with a friendship like this. Dolores was right. I wish I listened.’"

After putting on a happy face and watching her "friend" say her vows, Margaret vented, "You know what? I don’t think this marriage is gonna last. Pretty soon, Marty’s gonna find out Danielle is not who she portrays to be. It’s just a matter of time."

She was right. Marty and Danielle said "I do" in May of this year, and by mid-August, he had filed for divorce.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will return to Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. beginning Jan. 2.

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