Richard Madeley accuses Amanda Holden of faking reaction to BGT act The Haunting

Richard Madeley has taken aim at Amanda Holden for "faking" her reaction to scary magic act The Haunting.

During the first Britain's Got Talent live semi-final last night, judge Amanda dropped an f-bomb after being terrified during the trick.

The 48-year-old appeared to be frightened as she screamed out the swear word before clasping a hand over her mouth.

When she returned to the panel, Amanda apologised for the mishap and said: "I just really want to apologise if I said anything. I said a really terrible word."

She added: "I know there are kids watching, I know my kids are watching, so massive apologies. I can honestly say I feel terrified."

But fans were highly sceptical that her reaction was anything more than an act – including, it seems, Richard Madeley.

Watching it back on Good Morning Britain today, he said: "Surely she was acting? She couldn't have been that scared when she knew what was coming."

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