‘Riverdale’ Fans Just Found a Major Plot Hole, and It Involves Reggie and His Dad

Riverdale is nothing if not a dramatic-AF show. But sometimes, certain plot points can get lost when you’re trying to write an entire series about kids running around fighting crimes in their crazy-ass town. It’s understandable!

Fans just pointed out a big plot hole in this season, though, and it has to do with Reggie’s relationship with his dad. In last week’s episode, we saw Reggie take matters into his own hands re: his father’s abuse. After getting yelled at during football practice, he took a baseball bat to his dad’s car. Then he told Archie that the incident helped him have a productive conversation with his father about their relationship.

The thing is, both Veronica and Archie seemed surprised by the revelation that Reggie’s dad is abusive, but as fans pointed out on Reddit, the show has actually addressed this issue in the past. When the kids were in the height of their G&G situation, Reggie told all his friends that his dad gave him a black eye for asking about the game….

This sums it up pretty well, courtesy of Reddit: “Yeah, I was so confused when Veronica was telling Archie that she thinks Reggie is being abused by his dad, like they weren’t even hinting at it in the past. They were straight-out basically saying it. It’s not like Reggie would just come to school with a black eye w/out any context, but he even said something like, ‘My dad gave me this shiner when I tried asking him about G&G.’ And if I’m remembering correctly, I think even Betty said it when she was confronting all of the parents about G&G in Veronica’s speakeasy.”

Okay, yes, this checks out! The kids of Riverdale are pretty self-absorbed, so maybe they knew about Reggie’s father and just…forgot! But plot holes aside, it’s good to see Reggie and his dad working on their issues.

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