Robert Blake Calls Out Police In New '20/20' Special: 'I'm Beat Up All to Hell … But I'm Still Here'

The ABC special promises to shed “new light on the case.”

14 years after being acquitted of murdering his wife, Robert Blake still has a bone to pick with the police who arrested him.

Speaking out in a new "20/20" special, the former actor took aim at "the cops that put me in that cement box for a year," explaining that, "To this day, I hate ’em."

"I’m still here, you bastards. I’m still here, I didn’t die in that box," he says in a preview clip, before sending a message to them straight into the camera. "I’m still here. I’m 85 years old, I’m beat up all the hell and gone, but I’m still here and you’re still pounding a beat. Smoke that."

Blake was accused of killing his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, after she was shot to death in 2001 following a dinner date with her husband at Vitello’s in Studio City, California. Blake’s defense: he couldn’t have done it because he returned to the restaurant to retrieve his gun — which he accidentally left in a booth — when the shooting happened.

Though he was found not guilty after a trial, he was ordered to pay Bonny’s family $30 million after a wrongful death civil suit. That number was later deemed excessive by an appeals court and cut in half, before he eventually settled with the family.

According to ABC, Blake will "[shed] new light on the case and reflecting on his past, storied acting career, relationship with Bonny and life now."

The special will also include new interviews with Blake’s defense attorney Thomas Mesereau, actors Elliott Gould and Gavin MacLeod, and Bonny’s friends and family.

Like the John Wayne Bobbitt interview proceeding it, the Blake special aims to look at the case "through a modern lens" and challenge "original perceptions."

The two-hour "20/20" special airs Friday, January 11 from 9-11pm on ABC.

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