Robert De Niro Adamant He Will Never Depict Donald Trump on Screen

AceShowbizRobert De Niro will never play Donald Trump on screen as he can’t sympathise with America’s controversial president.

De Niro’s longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese has been mooted as a possible director for a biopic of the businessman turned right-wing politician by many, including top U.S. newsman Dan Rather.ADVERTISEMENT

However, the actor, who is one of the Republican leader’s most prominent critics, branding him a racist and a “madman,” says he’s not interested in teaming up with anyone for a Trump biopic as he has no sympathy for him.

“I don’t want to play him ever,” the 75-year-old tells The Guardian. “I always find the character’s point of view and I can of course find his, but I have so little sympathy for him, for what he’s done, the responsibility he’s been given and just thrown away. He doesn’t care.”

“I always say every person has a story that’s interesting. It’s how you tell it. And of course his ‘how you tell it’ would be interesting, too, but I’ve not seen one moment of reflection from him, ever.”

Many of De Niro’s most famous roles came playing mobsters or psychopaths in Scorsese’s films, including “Mean Streets”, “Goodfellas”, “Taxi Driver”, and “The King of Comedy”.

The Hollywood veteran claims Trump is worse than the Mafia characters he has played on screen – as they at least had redeeming features like manners and a sense of honour.

“I mean, a mob boss calls people ‘a rat,’ ” he explains, referring to comments the President made about his disgraced ex-lawyer Michael Cohen. “That means you lied and somebody snitched on you, so you did commit the crime. So that’s interesting and he makes mobsters look bad because there are mobsters who will shake your hand and keep their word. He can’t even do that.”

Although they won’t be teaming up for a Trump biopic, Scorsese and De Niro’s latest collaboration “The Irishman“, a biopic of mob-connected union official Frank Sheeran, is out later this year (2019).

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