Robert Mueller Report Heading To Attorney General Next Week: CNN

CNN reported Wednesday that Robert Mueller is almost done with his nearly two-year probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and whether members of Donald Trump’s administration or campaign participated.

New U.S. Attorney General William Barr could announce as early as next week that Mueller is wrapping things up, the network said. Mueller’s report will be submitted to Barr, who will review it and submit his summary to Congress.

But, CNN reported, the timing could be impacted by Trump’s upcoming second summit with North Korea ruler Kim Jong-Un. The announcement/report summary could be delayed so as not to step on Trump’s diplomatic efforts, CNN reported.

The news might help explain President Trump’s increased agitation on Twitter and during pop-up pressers. Most recently, that includes Wednesday morning’s base-baiting tweets that the New York Times is “the real ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” after its report tallying all the times Trump trashed Mueller, the FBI, the DOJ and figures at those agencies, in a campaign to discredit the legal process, exposing him to accusations of obstruction of justice as Mueller wraps up his work.

On air, CNN noted that special-counsel regs require Mueller to submit a confidential report to Barr when he is done. Mueller is not required to share it with Congress. Barr made clear during his confirmation hearings that the Justice Department should not make public any derogatory information about uncharged individuals, which might limit how much of Mueller’s findings would be revealed to Congress and, therefore the public, he said back then.

Except we live in very leaky times in Washington. And not everyone agrees with Barr. Like Dem Rep. John Garamendi, who told CNN in no uncertain terms the full report “has to be displayed fully in public” because the issue “has consumed America, the White House and Congress for two years.”

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