Robert Pattinson Is Just as Surprised as You That He Is the Next Batman

When The Batman director Matt Reeves announced that Robert Pattinson was taking over as the new caped crusader, Batman fans around the world were left a bit puzzled by the casting. As it turns out, the Twilight alum was also surprised to hear his name connected to the project. In fact, Pattinson recently opened up about playing the iconic hero and admitted that he still doesn’t know why Reeves chose him for the part.

Robert Pattinson dishes on Batman casting

When DC announced that Reeves would be directing the next Batmansolo flick, it seemed like only a matter of time before Ben Affleck was giventhe boot. Although he was originally supposed to write, direct, and star in themovie, Affleck eventually bowed out in favor of other projects.

As soon as Affleck confirmed his departure, the hunt was on forthe next Batman.

While Pattinson put his name in the hat to play the iconic part,he never thought Reeves would pick him above the competition. But, after around of auditions, that is exactly what happened.

According to ScreenGeek, Pattinson opened up about landing the part in a new interview withEsquire. The Twilight alum revealedthat he never thought he would be playing Bruce Wayne in a feature film and didnot think he was a frontrunner for the part.

“It’s kind of insane. I was so far away from ever thinkingit was a realistic project,” Robert Pattinson shared. “I literally do notunderstand how I’ve got it, at all.”

Pattinson previously shared that he was angry when theannouncement leaked online because he thought it might hurt his chances ofgetting the role. In fact, the actor revealed that his team was in panic modeafter the leak and did not know that Pattinson had landed the part.

Fortunately, everything worked out in the end and Pattinson isnow the new face of the franchise.

Inside Pattinson’s first experience in the bat suit

Pattinson also discussed what it felt like putting on Batman’ssuit for the first time. The young actor may have no idea how he got the part,but it felt right as soon as he put on the iconic cowl.

“I put it on,” Pattinson shared. “…You do feel powerfulimmediately. And it’s pretty astonishing, something that is incredibly difficultto get into, so the ritual of getting into it is pretty humiliating.”

Pattinson noted that it took no less than five people to get himinto the suit, which was very tight around the butt and legs.

While he was picked over everyone else, Robert Pattinson was upagainst some stiff competition for the role. His number one competition wasNicholas Hoult, whom Reeves almost picked over him.

Unfortunately, Pattinson did not reveal too many details aboutthe upcoming project, though we do know that the movie features a youngerversion of the character than we are used to.

There is also expected to be a slew of villains in the movie, asBatman is still in the process of becoming a great detective. So far, reportshave surfaced that we will see Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler, though nocasting news has been announced.

What else do we know about ‘The Batman’?

Apart from Robert Pattinson, Reeves has kept a tight lid on casting announcements. There are rumors, however, that Jonah Hill has been offered a spot in the film, as well as Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright.

Insiders claim that Hill wants to play the Riddler while Wrighthas his eyes set on playing Commissioner James Gordon. Filming for the project, meanwhile, is scheduled to start inNovember. The primary set location will be at Warner Bros. Studios.

While we wait for more information to emerge, Pattinson recentlyoffered us a first look at how Bruce Wayne might look in the film.

The actor stepped out onto the red carpet for the premiere of hislatest movie, The Lighthouse.Pattinson rocked an all-black suit for the event, complete with some lightstubble and a fresh haircut.

Pattinson starred as a lighthouse worker in the horror movie,which was directed by Robert Eggers (TheWitch). The film follows two lighthouse employees who fall victim to theirisolation.

Willem Dafoe starred opposite Pattinson in the movie, which has already premiered at several film festivals this year. The movie is scheduled for release later this month.

Fans can watch Robert Pattinson in action when The Batman opens in theaters on June 25th, 2021.

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