Roger Mathews Fires Back at Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley's Abuse Claims: 'I Am Not this Monster'

Roger Mathews is continuing to deny allegations made by his estranged wife Jenni “JWoww” Farley accusing Mathews, 43, of physical and emotional abuse, endangering their children, and teaming up with the Jersey Shore star’s exes in order to hurt her.

“I am extremely saddened. Saddened, as I lay here next to both of our children that we could not have found a better way to handle our differences. You and your post have made me a monster,” Mathews wrote in a lengthy statement posted on his personal website Saturday.

The statement, beginning with the words “A message to Jenni,” closely mirrored the lengthy statement the Jersey Shore star, 32, posted on her own website earlier this week.

Directly referencing a video Farley shared on her website, which appeared to show him shoving a woman, presumably Farley, to the ground in the kitchen of a home, Mathews acknowledged that “no one, man or woman, husband or wife has the right to put their hands on each other.”

“I take responsibility for that night in question, and one other night that I can think of that I pushed you,” he wrote, before claiming that Farley had edited the video, deliberately removing proof of her own “violent behavior.”

“I want to say right here, and right now that did not give me the right to push you, and for that I am sorry, and I apologized at the time too,” he added later on in the statement. “I am not this monster you paint me to be. I repeat you have never once ever conveyed to anyone I was ever physical in any way to you. I’m confident you could find a few people now that will claim you did, but it would be because you asked them to lie for you.”

When reached by PEOPLE, a rep for Farley had no comment on Mathews’ new allegations.

Mathews went on to claim that Farley made her recent allegations against him after the pair faced off in court for custody of their two children, son Greyson Valor, 2½, and daughter Meilani Alexandra, 4½.

In his statement, Rogers wrote that he asked for “50/50” custody but Farley was “not willing to give it to us.”

“That’s when you decided to write your rant that you posted for the world to see and painted me as a monster and an abuser,” he wrote, adding “I’d like to address all the points in that rant now.”

In her statement, the reality star claimed that Mathews has not given their two kids the proper care they need, which allegedly included giving Greyson — who is “highly allergic to gluten and dairy,” according to Farley — pizza.

“Our son is not ‘deathly allergic to pizza or dairy.’ It’s merely a recommended diet not even from our actual local pediatrician. It’s from a nutritional doctor in Florida who has seen Greyson one time ever,” he wrote, before claiming that Farley “regularly” gives him food not included in his strict diet.

He also disputed Farley’s claim that he allegedly didn’t let one of Greyson’s therapists into the house, leaving her “ringing the bell for 30 minutes in the freezing cold.”

“Lies,” he wrote. “I installed a new Ring doorbell and the transformer for it in my attic doesn’t have enough voltage to power it. The Therapist didn’t know it and rang it twice and left. It was maybe 5 mins not a half hour. Greyson was on my phone so I missed her text and by the time I called her she was too far away to come back. It was no big deal at all.”

Mathews went on to write that he and Farley have different opinions about their son’s autism diagnosis.

“Many people, some of which I cannot name for they are in fear of retaliation from you do not believe he is autistic. That includes some of HIS VERY OWN THERAPISTS,” he wrote. “He is an amazing little boy and so high functioning.”

Mathews also addressed Farley’s claims that he had teamed up with her exes in order to hurt her, including an unnamed ex from her past, whom Farley claimed “brutally beat me so badly that I was hospitalized.”

Farley included a copy of a 2008 protection order against the ex-boyfriend, whose name was redacted.

“You address your ex in your rant and call him a violent man who almost murdered you and you claim I reached out to him. Quite the contrary. He reached out to me, and we have the actual real evidence, not the police reports that you included which hardly tell the real story,” Mathews claimed. “He told me the story of you is chasing him down the street and stabbing him in hand with a Samurai knife then slitting the tires to his car. He was hospitalized and received many stitches. It was at that point you put a restraining order on him as well and claimed self-defense.”

Mathews went on to confirm he had contacted another one of Farley’s exes, Thomas Lippolis, who was arrested and charged with third-degree extortion in December after Farley claimed that he had attempted to extort $25,000 from her “in exchange for not divulging secrets to the media,” according to a press release by the Toms River Police Department in New Jersey.

“I had one phone call with Tom that lasted about ten minutes,” Mathews claimed. “He shared a plethora of stories of abuse.”

“Shortly after this Tom and you spoke as well. Whether he was set up or he actually tried to extort you for money we will have to see how that case plays out in court but you tried to wrap me up in that deal too and say I was part of it and I had nothing to do with it,” he added.

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“You have never said I’m a bad father, not once. Until now. Until 2 days after we reject your proposed custody offer. Seems peculiar how now I’m this violent abuser after 8 years together where not one soul ever heard that before and I’m a bad father,” Mathews continued in his statement, claiming that Farley “deliberately used your platform to destroy my life.”

“I will never stop fighting for my children and I will not have my name tarnished by a habitual offender and abuser of both men and the legal system. I will not stand for it. I am ready for that war and have always put my full faith and trust in the truth. You are not the person you claim to be,” he alleged. “You’re a master manipulator who must be stopped. I worry for my kids in your care. I do. You need help.”

“Please let’s stop the madness. Let’s both get help. For our children. We owe them that. I am not an abuser Jenni and you know it,” he added. “Let’s make the necessary changes for our children. I will if you will. I want you to be happy and I deserve to be happy as well. Happy parents make for happy kids. We owe them this. I be willing to give you a hug at the end of the day today as a truce offering.”

In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, the Jersey Shore star previously explains why she decided to speak out against her estranged husband amid their ongoing divorce.

“In light of the recent accusations, I would like to clarify one point: I did not post the message to Roger to cause him any upset,” she said. “My intention was to protect our children and to liberate myself from all of the pain I had endured for so many years, to finally be free from the abuse and now look into the future more positively for the sake of the kids.”

Of Farley’s decision to speak out, a source previously told PEOPLE: “Nothing happened that sparked it, she just started to understand that her silence was no longer in her best interest.”

If you suspect domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go All calls are toll-free and confidential. The hotline is available 24/7 in more than 170 languages.

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