Ruth Langsford reveals she was sexually assaulted at 11, followed and flashed at by pervert

RUTH Langsford has revealed she was sexually assaulted at just 11 years old on the London tube.

The ITV presenter opened up about the harrowing experiences she faced as a child and a teenager which included being followed and flashed multiple times.

Ruth, 70, said she was triggered to be speak up after seeing the outpouring of anger about violence against women with many using Twitter to share stories of their own experiences, following the tragic death of Sarah Everard.

Writing in Best magazine, the star – who is married to This Morning co-star Eamonn Holmes – said: "Not every man is a danger, not every man is a sexual predator or a murderer but they are also not us.

"The awful death of Sarah Everard has got a lot of women re-evaluating what we feel, what we have, or do, put up with – just by being a woman.

"I have a husband who honours, respects, champions and defends women – however, he also has no experience of sexual harassment.

"When I have the same conversation with my girlfriends, they all have frightening tales to tell.

"In my case, my earliest recollections all centred around travelling to and from school in London.

"The Tube was my mode of transport and in the Seventies, it also seemed that perverts and predators were drawn to the same routes I took like wasps to jam.

"I was flashed at more than once, followed a few times and a man once put his hand up my skirt on a crowded train.

"These incidents all happened to me between the ages of about 11 and 16. I now ask myself why I didn't shout, scream, kick up a fuss, report them to an official – all the things I would urge any girl or woman to do today."

Ruth said wider discussions about sexual violence, misogyny and everyday harassment against women didn't take place when she was growing up and young girls simply learned through trauma and experience to be on high alert.

She continued: "I was young and nobody talked about these things then, so I didn't know what to do… so I did nothing.

"Just kept my wits about me and hoped it wouldn't happen again.

"Sarah Everard's death marks a line in the sand. No more writing off stalking, exposing and sexual harassment as simply weird or odd behaviour… something that women grit their teeth and bear.

"It's time to serve notice on bad men (not all men). Enough is enough – this end here. If left unchecked, one form of sexual abuse leads to another, and another."

Sarah Everard vanished after walking home from a friend's house in Clapham, South West London, on March 3.

The 33-year-old's body was later found in Kent after a week.

Met cop Wayne Couzens was then charged with Sarah's kidnap and murder.

Ruth was born in Singapore, and moved to the UK aged 10.

The star was raised across several different countries in her first ten years of life before eventually settling in the UK.

She made her presenting debut in 1997 on The Really Useful Show, and since then she has mainly worked with ITV.

The exceptions to this include How the Other Half Lives for Channel 5 which she presents with her husband Eamonn Holmes and her own QVC segment titled Ruth Langsford's Fashion Edit.

She currently acts as the Friday host of This Morning with Eamonn and they also cover for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield when they're on holiday.

Ruth and Eamonn became engaged in 2009 and they married in June 2010.

They met in 1997 after they were introduced through a mutual friend, TV presenter Sally Meen.

The couple has one son, Jack, born in February 2002.

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