Saved by the Bell's Haskiri Velazquez and Mitchell Hoog on Daisy/Mac Finale Flirtation, Potential Pairing in Season 3

Is Saved by the Bell about to give Daisy and Mac ‘shippers exactly what they want?

Saved by the Bell’s ‘New Class’ Talks Season 2

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During Season 2 of the Peacock revival, Daisy works with Mac to guarantee Bayside’s spot in the Southern California School Spirit Competition — and along the way, Zack and Kelly’s son mayyyybe catches feelings for the student body president.

At one point, Jamie and Lexi stage an “prankstervention” and force Mac to be honest with himself. That’s when he lists off all the things he likes about Daisy:

“What’s to like? That everyone sees me as a monster, except for her? That she’s only ever glimpsed the light beneath my darkness? Should I like that she encourages me not to let external expectations limit my inherit potential? And that her smile is pretty, with just the right amount of teeth? Am I supposed to like all that? Oh my god, I like Daisy!”

Later on, Mac tells Jamie and Lexi that he was lying to them about his feelings for Daisy so they’d set him free — but was that the lie? Is he in love with Daisy?

Asked how he interpreted Mac’s potential come-to moment in Episode 8, portrayer Mitchell Hoog answers: “All comedy’s rooted in drama. All the pranks that I do, all the scheming… there’s always truth to it, for sure,” hence why Mac is determined to carry out a prank against Daisy’s then-boyfriend Gil, who is subsequently revealed to be a mole from rival school Valley.

To be clear, Daisy also catches feelings — or so it would appear in the Season 2 finale. After Bayside defeats Valley, everyone convenes for a celebration at The Max, where Daisy tells Mac what she whispered in Gil’s ear right after he lost the obstacle race: “I said, ‘I only date guys who win school spirit competition,’” she says, to which Mac responds, “I like that.”

“There’s a little flirting going on [in that scene],” Haskiri Velazquez concedes. “It’s so new for Daisy to just take that leap. She’s kind of testing the waters, trying see where Mac’s head is at. She knows, ‘Mac might have a crush on me, so let me see what I can do. Let’s place some breadcrumbs, a little trail, and see how far he follows.’

“That’s just her trying to explore herself a little more,” Velazquez continues. “It’s a high school crush, and she’s just trying to figure it out. Does she really like him? Why does she like him? He’s kind of cuckoo, and so opposite of her, but I think that’s what works, the fact that he’s so opposite but finds ways to come back around. She’s that level-headed person for him, and I think she likes that.”

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