Scott Eastwood in the MCU? Fans Imagine Their Next Wolverine

With a price tag of over $70 billion, Disney bought out most of Fox, and one of the many things that Disney got from this deal was the movie rights for the X-Men.

This is great news for Marvel fans, as the X-Men are some of the most popular and important superheroes in the comics. That said, the X-Men joining the MCU isn’t very simple, but what is simpler is casting the X-Men. So far, Marvel hasn’t announced any casting choices for the X-Men, but fans already have a few ideas in mind.

Here’s a look at why some fans think that Scott Eastwood could play Wolverine in the MCU.

A look at Scott Eastwood’s career

Like his name implied, Eastwood is one of Clint Eastwood’s sons, and as a result, he’s had a lot of experience in showbiz thanks to his relationship with his father.

Additionally, he also got a handful of roles in his dad’s films, but not all of his roles were from those movies. 

His first movie was Flags of Our Fathers, which was directed by his dad. After acting in his dad’s movies, Gran Torino and Invictus, he mostly set out on his own path and started working on films from many other directors.

Like his father though, he gets a lot of gunslinger roles, and some of his most recent work includes being a soldier in Suicide Squad and a secret agent in the Fast & Furious franchise. 

Why Scott Eastwood could play Wolverine

As Screen Rant wrote, many fans want him to play the next Wolverine, and there are a lot of reasons why he could do the role. Wolverine is one of those characters that asks a lot from the actor, since the actor will need to be dramatic as well as be physically intense.

Eastwood could potentially do those things and more very well, simply based on the work he’s done in his other movies. 

He clearly can act, and at the same time, he also has the physicality that Wolverine needs. But on top of that, like Screen Rant said, Hugh Jackman’s iconic portrayal of Wolverine has changed the character in a few ways. Wolverine is now also expected to be handsome as well as muscular, and for many people, Eastwood fits that bill too. 

Furthermore, Marvel isn’t against hiring lesser-known actors for its major roles. For example, Chris Hemsworth didn’t have many roles under his belt before he became Thor.

Most of Eastwood’s roles were minor roles, and many people only know about him because of his connection to his father. It’s entirely possible that he could play Wolverine well and make a name for himself. 

Why Scott Eastwood might not be the right fit

That said, there is a significant hurdle that Eastwood may not be able to jump over. As Screen Rant wrote, Wolverine, in the comics, is a pretty short character, and he’s often quoted as being about 5’5”. Eastwood is much taller than that, and if Marvel wants a Wolverine that’s accurate to the comics, then he probably wouldn’t fit the bill.

But of course, Jackman is also not that short, and yet he still got the role. So, all hope isn’t lost for Eastwood, but it mostly depends on what Marvel is looking for in terms of Wolverine.

Sometimes, Marvel will follow the comics to the letter, but other times, Marvel will take a few liberties with how things are portrayed in the MCU. 

Regardless of who Marvel chooses to be Wolverine though, fans generally think it’ll be a good choice since Marvel hasn’t missed the mark in terms of casting in a long time.

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