Shock death twists, exit, murder arrest and 7 more Corrie spoilers

Toyah is stunned when she finds Wayne’s missing investigation folder under Nick’s mattress and she later suggests to a stunned Leanne that Nick may have been the one to sabotage the roof.

Peter continues to struggle with Carla’s disappearance and Ken worries for his welfare while Nick and Leanne decide to let Simon move in.

Meanwhile, Sally is horrified when Tim’s test results show his cholestrol has increased while Mary thaws when Jan presents her with flowers as a means of apology.

Monday 29th April Part Two

Claudia is stunned when she sees the state that Peter has got himself into over missing Carla and Ken decides to intervene and take him to the doctor.

Dev and Steve join Tim and Sally on their power walk but later, Tim helps himself to his secret stash of chocolate. Moira, Mary and Eileen are confused over who Jan is carrying a torch for.

Nick returns home to Toyah’s accusations and insists that it must have been planted before then taking it to the police. But will his explanation convince them?

Wednesday 1st May Part One

Sally arrives at the cab office and suggest they go for a healthy lunch and she invites Eileen. But when Tracy turns up and empties Tim’s bag of goodies, Sally is enraged.

Mary talks about a crazy dream she had which implied to her that she is meant to be with Jan and when she takes him up on the offer of a drink, he fears she has the wrong end of the stick.

Leanne is horrified when Nick is arrested and accused of colluding with Carla in damaging the roof and Gemma uits her job and as Ryan comforts her, Chesney gets the wrong idea.

Abi lies to Brian when he checks up on her regarding her short story.

Wednesday 1st May Part Two

Jan is desperate to try and put a lovelorn Mary off and he lies that the love of his life was killed by a cattle truck in Poland. But it backfires and Mary likes him more than ever.

After admitting to Ryan that she misses Chesney, she is upset and runs out when she realises that Chesney has the wrong idea, leaving him kicking himself.

Sally demands answers from Tim and he snaps at her for controlling her life while David is reassured over Audrey’s money. As Leanne is angry with Shona for doubting Nick, Toyah tries to open her eyes.

Brian realises that Abi has lifted her short story from a TV series.

Friday 3rd May Part One

Gemma is determined that Chesney shouldn’t find out about her pregnancy and decides to leave to stay with her mum. Both Paul and then Chesney try to talk her round.

Nick warns David that Shona is suspicious of them and Sarah overhears them. Mary realises that Jan has lied to her about his ex’s death and is fuming.

Tim promises Sally he will embrace his new healthy lifestyle, Geoff is frustrated that Yasmeen is unavailable for a date while Toyah and Imran move into the builder’s flat

Friday 3rd May Part Two

Mary is surprised when she finds Freda is at No.3 and questions where Norris is as plans are announced to sell up. Later, Freda places Norris’ picture by an urn of ashes.

Chesney’s attempts to bring Gemma home fail as she goes missing while David and Nick assure Sarah that they aren’t hiding anything. Yasmeen sets out to prove to Sally that not all curries are fattening and Tim is thrilled to realise that sex counts as exercise.

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