Shock split for Emmerdale couple

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is in for a massive shock when she learns that not only is her ex Will (Dean Andrews) not dead, he’s been the one terrorising her, and Dawn has been on it this whole time too.

Dawn has been well aware Will has been alive, and after first meeting Harriet in the village, she and her dad formulated a plan to bring her down for what she did to their family when she was a police office. But in the process, Dawn has managed to get close to Harriet and has started to feel the presence of a mother she’s so badly wanted. Plus Harriet has been helping her try and get Lucas back, and it’s started to thaw Dawn’s vengeful heart.

Will is ready to up the ante on his plan to torment the vicar, but he starts to get nervous when he sees Harriet and Dawn being so friendly. He arranges a meeting with Dawn on a country lane and goes at her for betraying him. She assures him she is only using Harriet to get her son back, and asks what she can do to prove her loyalties. What will she agree to do?

Later that day, Harriet encourages Ryan to tell Dawn how he feels but as he does so Dawn cuts him off – she tells him it’s over and he’s left heartbroken. Feeling guilty, Dawn skulks away.

With this couple having fought against all odds to be together, including fighting against Ryan’s meddling mum Charity (Emma Atkins), is this really it for them?

Olivia Bromley told ‘It’s complicated with them, there will be some further drama. Always, it’s always up and down up and down. But I think he treated her really terribly and I think everyone is kicking Dawn when she’s already down, but it’s going to take a while for her to trust him.’

Could Dawn have dumped him to protect him from her dad?

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